The mission of the Spears School of Business is to provide high-quality, engaging, and accessible business education, relevant and innovative outreach, and high-impact research to improve the lives of people in Oklahoma, the nation, and the world.

Our Purpose – Why We Come Together

The Spears School purpose is to inspire and engage the student in everyone to dream big, stretch their leadership potential, transform organizations, and make a difference in the world. This purpose presumes that regardless of our role (students, faculty, administrators, or external parties) or our age, we are all students in some sense – capable of dreaming, growing, and making meaningful differences.

Our Values – The Internal Compass that Guides our Actions

We at the Spears School dream big and pursue our passions. We expand our horizons and stretch to reach our potential. We work hard and expect our hard work to pay off. We strive to always do the right thing. We know that success depends on working together and the support of our community. We use our resources efficiently and effectively. We make a difference and transform the lives we touch.

Our Visionary Goal – Our Aspiration for the Foreseeable Future

By 2020, our goal is to become the business school known for positively transforming organizations. We will accomplish this through the unique Spears Engagement Experience, actively involving stakeholders in a learning environment that is explorative, challenging, inspirational, supportive, and transformative.

Our Stewardship – Our Special Responsibilities as a Land-Grant University

As a land-grant university, we have a stewardship responsibility to generate and leverage the resources necessary to achieve our goals; achieve growth through the delivery of impactful programs in Oklahoma and globally; manage costs and expenses through process efficiencies and effective resource allocation decisions; and live and promote the triple bottom line of planet, people, and profit.

Within our purpose, we focus on three primary positions (where we want to excel), six priorities (how we want to get there), and four practices (how we monitor and communicate). The purpose, positions, priorities, and practices are captured in the following pyramid.