Capstone & Cornerstone Donors

Oklahoma State University broke ground on Sept. 5, 2014 as it prepares to usher in a new era for its school of business. The groundbreaking ceremony was the first major step in the construction of a new facility for the Spears School of Business. Construction on the state-of-the-art building began in early 2015, with completion scheduled for 2018.

From dynamic classrooms, team rooms and student business incubators to areas dedicated to hosting professional business partners, the new building is meant to continuously engage, attract and retain the best student and faculty minds. The business school will occupy the east side of Hester Street between Athletic Avenue to the north and Morrill Street to the south, with the new building serving as the eastern bookend to the main campus quad.

OSU is dedicated to fostering a first-class business school experience that entices talented students and challenges them in a way that unlocks their full potential. The new landmark building for the Spears School of Business will provide students more opportunities to think big, learn by doing and show the world Oklahoma State takes the academics of business seriously.

Cornerstone Donors

The Spears School of Business and the OSU Foundation extend our deepest appreciation to the Cornerstone Donors whose gifts to the new building total approximately $30 million. Additional donors will be added to the list as they grant permission for the use of their names. (The list includes gifts/commitments to the building through Dec. 31, 2016).

Bank SNB
Bruce and Sheryl Benbrook
Elizabeth Bennett
Sue and Tom Bennett Jr.
Kathy and David Blackburn
Michelle and Larry Briggs
Deni and Kevin Bryant
Mark and Teresa Burson
Esther and George R. Busse
Angie and Brian Callahan
Kelly and Chris Campbell
Jim and Robin Carreker
Jane and John Cawley
Chesapeake Energy Corporation
Donna and Jerry Clack
Shelby Clanahan
Gary and Karen Clendenning
Julie and Claude Connelly
Diane Crane and Doyle Wright
Dorlana and Kerby Crowell
Alyson and Jace Dawson
Rebecca and James Denny
Mary and Jim Diacon
Margo and Kent Dunbar
Monica and Joseph Eastin
Laurie and Kenneth Eastman
Mike and Carol Ebert
Bryan Edwards
Randy and Kimberly Ferguson
Stephen Fisher
Marybeth and Ike Glass Jr.
Gavan and Kathy Goss
Diane and Robert Graalman
Rodette and Rick Green
Nancy and Gordon Greer
Don and Shellie Greiner
Jennifer and Steven Grigsby
Ann and James Halligan
Janie and Roland Harris
Lorie and Steve Herod
James C. and Jane Horner Herring
Jim and Vanessa Hester
Helen J. Hodges
Rex and Charlotte Horning
Brandy and Chase Huston
Sally and Bruce Hutton
Rae and Michael Hyatt
Sandra and Tim Ireland
Carol and Earl Johnson
Mindi and Griff Jones
Colleen and Toby Joplin
Kevin Jordan
Vickie and Monty Karns
Sharon and Robert Keating
Donna and Edwin Koeppe
Denny and Deanne Kramer
Steva and Rob Krier
Amanda and Rusty LaForge
David LeNorman
Roger Lumley and Suzanne Dimmel
Kay and Greg Massey
Luke McCann
Bob and Peggy McCormick
Debbi and Frank Merrick
Merrick Foundation
Lynne and Stephen Miller
Norman and Suzanne Myers
Nabholz Charitable Foundation
Nix Foundation
Jeretta Horn Nord
John and Lucia O’Connor
Jim and Annette Pfeiffer
Jan and Mike Pregler
Robert Glenn Rapp Foundation
Tom Riley Jr.
Melissa and Allen Ripley
Ondina and José Sagarnaga
Donald L. Sample
Harry and Sheralyn Selph
Kelly H. and Tony Shinn
Brady Sidwell
Alicia and Richard Smales
Alisa and Mark Snead
Angela and J. Shawn Spencer
Shannon and Steven Spradling
Barry and Christine Steichen
Tom K. Tracy
Trilink Restoration Group LLC
Vaughn O. Vennerberg II
Robin and Diane Wantland
Cindy and Ron Ward
Kimberly and Jeremy Welter
Kiel Werner
Willis Wheat
Josh Wiener and Tabitha Doescher

Capstone Donors

The Spears School of Business and the OSU Foundation want to express our sincere gratitude to our Capstone Donors. These donors are helping us to reach our final fundraising goal in order to complete the new building. Additional donors will be added to the list as they grant permission for the use of their names. (The list includes gifts/commitments to the building from October 1, 2013 through present).

Kathy Adams
Brian Affolder
Ankit Agrawal
Jawaid Akhter
Erin Akin
Kathy and James Albright
Linda and James Alcock
Joan Aldrich
Brook Aleman
Jack Allen
Linda Allen
Gary Allsup
Andrew Alltizer
Faisal Amin
Doris Andersen
Penny and Martin Anderson
Troy Anderson
Kim Andrews
Heather Andricain
Trent Annan
Sherrie and David Armstrong
Robert Ashcraft
Elizabeth and Robert Austin
B&L Water Well LLC
Alisha Bacon
Sandro Baggiani
Cynthia and Dave Bagwell
Bob Baker
Rajashree Balasubramanian
Ben Bancroft
Laura and Larry Basden
David Batchelder
Lynn and Bill Bateman
Rachel and Nate Bates
Stephen and Sarah Bates
Travis Batt
Krisha and Bill Battles
Pat Beavers
John Belie
Jessie Bennett
Mike Benton
Marla and Wayne Benyshek
Rachel and Jackie Bess
Frank and Jennifer Billings
Nicholas Binkley
Vivian Bishop
BKD LLP CPAs and Advisors
Kathy and Dave Blackburn
Dee Anne and Mark Blair
Kay and Michael Blakley
Dustin Bledsoe
Lisa Blevins
Lois and Don Bliss
Verla Bloomfield
Brock Blotevogel
Allison Booker
Heather Borg
Jay Bowers
Judy and Curtis Bradley
Rodney Bradley
Ann Bradshaw
Merrilee and Steve Braley
David Branson
Nita Bridwell
Matt O’Brien
Mary Britton
Jessica Britz
Joshua Brock
Julia and Darryl Brown
Regina and Jason Brown
Kimberly Buchholz
Ramona Buckner
Alex Bullen
Randy Bunnell
Connie Burnett
Sharon and Michael Burnett
David Burrows
James Butcher
Gaylene and Marshall Buzan
Elise Cabori
Andrew Cagle
Cindy and Roger Cagle
Chris Caine
Dawn Calmus
Connie and Randy Calvert
Keith Calvert
Vickie and Jeff Carr
Mabel Casanova
Sue and Royce Chancellor
Joan and Bill Chapel
Karen Chapel
Kristi Chapman
George Charlson
Surya Chelikani
Russ Choate
Dennis Christensen
Jerome Christia
Kasey Claborn
Dewey Clapp
Crystal Clow
Sammy Coffman
Barbara and Ronald Cohea
Greg Collier
Betty and John Collins
Jasmine Colorado
Carolyn and Donald Conner
Catherine Cooke
Kevin Corbett
Jami Cordell
Yvonne and Joseph Cordell
Monica Cottrell
Katherine Couch
Kelli and Justin Courtney
Rachel Cox
Sheryl Cox
Dillon Craig
Jan and Steve Craig
Lindsay and Aaron Craige
Malinda Brainerd and Steven Crall
Amanda Crane
Amy and Cade Crawford
Dana Crawford
Andrew Crockett
Donna and Steve Cropper
Susan Cully
Cynthia and Dan Cummings
Kenneth Cunningham
Renee Daglish
Alan Dahl
Jean and Robert W. Dalton
Eric Daniels
Shea Danner
Pam and Keegan Davis
Philip Davis
Mark Deaton
Evelyn DeBoard
Ingrid and Chris Delk
Fatima Deme
Mark Denney
Susan and Ed Devero
Becky and John DeVore
Cindy and Terry DeVore
Deena Dickens
Tammi and Dale Didlot
Deniece and Eddy Ditzler
Debra and Chris Dizmang
Vivian Dodson
Janet and David Doerpinghaus
Jacob Domann
Gayle and Kent Donica
Sarah Dooley
Sean Downes
Josie and Tim Driskill
Rebecca Drummond
Phyllis Dugan
Jacob Dugger
Margo and Kent Dunbar
Kaye and Dan Duncan
Lanette and Steven Duncan
Tully Dunlap
Jessica and Justin Dvorak
Cindy Dyson
Jacy and Corbin Dyson
Sue and Lou Earlabaugh
John Eaton
Audrey Edelen
Gayle Edmondson
Jason Elder
Doak Elliott
Andrea and Ryan Ellis
Meghan and Lucas Elwell
Julie Emory
Carolyn and Clyde Estes
Bryan Eubank
Diane and Matt Evanko
Carolyn and Jess Evans
Cindra and Dean Evans
Lisa and Jim Fain
Pat and John Fechner
Staci and Evan Felker
Luke Ferrell
Mark Fiegener
Mary Jane and Arlen Fielden
Jo Lee Foster
Angelia and Steven Franke
Nancy and Gary Franklin
Stephen Frazier
Mary and Johnnie Frederick
Joe Frohlich
Jane Frost
Yu Fu
Heidi Hoffman-Fuh and Bernard Fuh
Bonnie and Bradley Fuller
Lance Fuller
Leah and Kevin Gajan
Annetta and Michael Gallegos
Carissa and Jason Garrett
Lloyd Garrison
Sherill and Christopher Gdanski
Glen Gee
Claire and Spencer Gentry
Connie George
Paul Gerberding
Chelsea and Devin Gerrior
Bill Gertsen
John Giachino
Jan and Freddie Gibson
Karyn and Brian Gigoux
Jennifer Gill
Lucy and James Gladbach
Stacia and Pete Glavas
Cameron Goad
Juan Gonzales
Carlos Gonzalez
Kevin Gore
Jan and Richard Gorman
Lisa Graham
Darla and Robert Graves
Darrin Gray
Lesa Creveling and Michael Gray
Stephen Gray
Jolynda Green
Melinda and James Green
Stan Green
Michael and Anne Greenwood
Janice and John Grundmann
Joe Guertin
Steve Gungoll
Taylor Hackett
Steven Haddox
Jordan Hagood
Robert Haight
Debi Hainzinger
Pierre Hakim
Janet and Jimmy Hall
Randy Hamblin
Trena Hamilton
Janet Harp
Diane Harr
Shanise Harris
Lisa Hartfiel
Karen and Doug Hauser
Claudia Haworth
Everett Hayes
Jeff Hays
Scott Hedrick
Brad Hegemann
David and Grace Helmer
Carole Long-Henley and James Henley
James Henning
Jim Henry
Samantha and Jorge Hernandez
Carla and James Herron
Bonne E. Hess
Misty Hesser
Kathryn and Jason Hesskew
Rob Hetherington
Lindsay and Andrew Hill
Cynthia Hilterbrand
Joy and Chris Hinchey
Patty and Chris Hoag
Tom Hodges
HoganTaylor LLP
Steven Holden
Rick Holdridge
Kimberly and Steve Holekamp
Matthew Holloman
Shawna and Michael Holly
Terry Hopper
Julia and Joel Horst
Deborah and Tim Hoss
Jeromey Howard
Tiffany Sewell-Howard and Dan Howard
Jennifer and Thomas Hudgins
Sylvia and Raymond Huecker
Catherine and Lloyd Hughes
Michael Hughes
Brian Hunt
Kady Hurd
Allen Hurst
Judy and Don Hutchison
Jennifer Hyams
Richard Van Hyning
Jeremy Ice
Snap-on Incorporated
Meredith and Craig Ireland
Jerry Isaacs
Carrie and Tim Jackson
Kimberly and Phillip Jantz
Nancy and Stephen Jay
Nancy and Steve Jay
Sara Brown and Matt Jeffery
Julie and Steve Jelley
Mary Kay and John Jergens
Victoria Jerome
Jennifer Johnson
Judy and Mike Johnson
Pamela and Carlos E. Johnson
Sue and Dale Johnson
Terry Johnson
Robin Johnston
Morgan and Taylor Jones
Randy Kamp
Heather and Dan Karns
Linda and Randy Keesee
Kip Kelley
Kristopher Kemper
Kathleen and Fred Kempf
Raine Kenney
Lisa and Ed Kepford
Cooper Kiddy
Barbara and Frank Knight
Rose Mary and John Knorr
Amanda Krewall
Dr. Dale Kunneman
Kara Kuykendall
Adam Labbe
Kate and Michael LaForge
Laura and Brent Lang
Kathy and Darren Laptad
Steffany Sharpe-Leach and Andy Leach
Erica Lavallee-League and Michael League
Suzanne Lee
Sherri and David Leetham
Meredith LeMaster
Susan and Marcus Lemon
Jennifer Lester
Patricia and Mark Lewellen
Ann and Robert Lewis
Sandra Lewis
Danlei Li
Caroline and John Linehan
Donna and Todd Lisle
Laurence Liu
Elizabeth and Jerry Lofties
William D. Lohrey
PK and Mark Long
Janet and Daren Lowe
Susan and Eric Ludeman
Gabby and Steven Mandeville
Srinivasa Mangalampalli
Stacey Marsh
Jeanne and Stephen Martin
Billy Mason
Megan and Stephen McCammon
Bradley McCarty
Sue and Paul McClain
Lori and Sam McClure
T. J. McClure
Julia and Bob McCormick
Amanda and Aaron McDonald
Jon McGhay
Chelsey and Dan McKnight
Katie and David McKnight
Dan McMahan
Jessica and Brian McMullen
Pam McNatt
Ingrid and John Meinders
GK and Mark Merrill
Donald Mershon
Douglas Van Meter
Paul Meyer
Mark Michaels
Steven Miller
Nancy and Bob Mills
Judy and Rick Milroy
Gretchen and Scott Mitchell
David Mohar
Cathy and Robert Moore
Chad Moore
David Moore
Kenneth Moore
Michael Moore
Lacy Smith-Morgan
Scott Morgan
Paula Morris
Judy and Wesley Morrison
Alan Moseley
Angie and Mark Mote
Gina and Derek Mountsier
Emily Mouser
Holly Mulder
Adwina and Craig Mullen
Janice and Robert Mullen
Patrick Murnan
Teri and William Murphree
Heather and Chris Murphy
Paula and James Murphy
Prashanth Murthy
Katherine Nash
Paula and Michael Neely
Philip Neill
Patty Neises
Joyce and Richard Pollock-Nelson
Angela Nemecek
Patty Neuwirth
Alice New
Elizabeth and Cooke Newman
Katie Nicholas
Jerry Nichols
Pam and Dennis Nichols
Cindy Nikolich
Theresa and Jim Niles
Steve Norman
Debbie Obleness
Debry and Matt O’Brien
Kasey and Jared O’Brien
Chris O’Connor
Linda and Gary Olson
Pauline O’Neill
Susan and Tim Orndorff
Aaron Osei
Lura Owen
Linda and Thomas Palmer
Alexander Pannone
Bhola Panta
Satyanarayana Parayitam
Chris Parker
Lindsay and Phillip Parks
James Patterson
Wayne Patterson
Scott Peck
Harry Percy
Percy Farms LLC
Kathie and Robert Perdue
Ralph Perdue
Toni and Bob Perry
Cheryl Peters
Billye Peterson
Ross Petree
Tammy and Brandon Pettigrew
Sharla Phillips
Laura and Richard Piatt
Patricia Pixley
Pixley Lumber Company
Brandy and John Polo
Dick Poole
Judy and David Powell
Reva Pratt
Amanda Prescott
Matt Price
Nancy and William Pride
Mindaugas Pukstas
Lori and Shawn Pumphrey
Derek Purcell
Mary Larsen-Purvis and Walter Purvis
Liz and John Ralston
Vickie and Rick Rayson
Melissa and Chris Reames
Katherine and Charles Reddin
Deborah and Mike Reddout
Tana and Jon Redelsperger
Amy and Terry Reece
Paula and Joe Reed
Lynn and Derek Reiners
Grant Rempel
Kristina Rempel
Skrap Rentals
Eugene Rhodes
Joseph Richards
Heidi and Aaron Richardson
Luke Richert
Robert Richey
Kay and Arthur Rickets
Kirk Ridenour
Max Ridgeway
Toni and Doug Riess
Pamela and Trey Riley
Joshua Ritchie
Mary Roberson
Scott Roberts
Andy Robertson
Jim Robertson
Darla and James Robinson
Jim Robinson
Megan Robinson
Marvin Rogers
Susan Lampman Rogers
Susan Rogers
Christy Rohrer
Jeff Ronsse
Heather Rose
Carrie and Christopher Rothell
Dawn and Gary Roush
Barry Ruth
Joel Sander
Warren Sander
Stephen Sanders
Cheryl and Charles Saxon
Jenelle Schatz
Melanie Schilt
Amy and Mike Schueler
Pam Seal
Steven Searle
Victor Segner
Teri and John Shaffer
Timothy Short
Kelly Siegel
David Sikolia
Truby and Preston Simic
Kathy and William Simmons
Dan Simoni
Larry Simpson
Kari and David Singleton
Tom and Hilary Skinner
Jennifer Slatnick
Tammy and Douglas Smarinsky
Charlene Smith
Christopher Smith
Harris Smith
Jack Smith
Patty and Brent Smith
Kim and Mark Snyder
Amy Day-Spaletta
Dustin Speth
Michael Spexarth
Robby Springer
Jane and Rex Stachmus
Sarah Stafford
Bill Stanley
James Starr
Tammy Stead
Craig Steen
David Sterk
Deenya Stibolt
Melinda and Joel Stinnett
Laci Stocks
Connie and Skip Stow
Michael Stroope
Crystal Stubbs
Misty Stutsman
Daniel Summers
Cheryl Sumpter
Stephanie Swain
Joseph Swart
David Sweet
Gautam Talluri
Ann and Jim Tarter
David Taylor
Eric Taylor
Garren Taylor
Linda Taylor
Melissa Taylor
Randy Taylor
Chris Tharnish
Shawna and Howard Thill
Betty Thomas
Linda and James Thornton
Sherry Tircuit
Brenda Towe
Brian Tran
Nguyet and Minh Tran
Janet and Bill Trout
William and Janet Trout
Pamela True
Gina and Dean Truitt
Mark Tschida
Gerlinde Turney
Diane and Stephen Tuttle
Paula and Alan Tye
Richard Ullom
Jack Vassar
Debbie and Jay Vaughn
Sammi and Juan De La Vega
Drew Vickroy
Kay Vincent
Krystal and Jeremy Voight
Patrick Vorderlandwehr
Joe Voth
Jill and Travis Wagar
Adam Walker
Jade Walle
Jana and Dennis Waller
Robin Wantland
Charlene and Richard Warner
Anthony Warren
Jennifer and Kendall Warren
Suzanne and Mark Weber
Jeremy Weiland
Rebecca Weiland
Daniel Weinand
Katie and Evan West
Linda White
Jim Wiederholt
Carl Wiese
Dee Dee and Paul Wiese
Jay and Connie Wiese
Charles Wilkins
Denise and Brad Williams
Nelly and Jared Williams
Vicki Rudolph-Williams
Jill and Todd Wilson
Lee Wilson
Paula and Jeff Wilson
Linda and Steve Wise
Janice Wiseman
Laurie and Richard Womack
Stuart Womack
Susan and Kyle Woo
Kim and David Wood
Janice Woodring
Marcia Wright
Tiffany and Tyson Wright
Kristen Yarbou
John M. Yeaman
Elizabeth Yingling
Cindy and Kent Yoesting
Sean York
Brian Young
Randy Young
Wendy and Charles Young
Rita and Glenn Zannotti
Christi Zweig

Please contact Tyler Davis with the OSU Foundation if you have questions about the list of Cornerstone Donors or Capstone Donors. He can be reached at 405-385-5128.