Photos from FIN 4363 Energy Finance Class Activities


NGEAO Sports Tournament September 2009: L to R: Akhila Chintala (OSU student), Taryn Dondgeroth (OSU student), Kristin MacKey (Walden Energy), Betty Simkins (OSU Faculty), Mary Beasley (ConocoPhillips), Mark Fleming (OSU student), and Collin Balke (OSU student)

NGEAO Sports Tournament September 2009: Front Row (L to R): Mark Fleming, Akhila Chintala, and Taryn Sondgeroth (all OSU students); Back Row (L to R): Tamara Walden (President, Walden Energy, Collin Balke (OSU Student), Betty Simkins (OSU Faculty), and Kristin MacKey (Walden Energy)


NGEAO Sports Tournament September 2009: Akhila Chintala (OSU Student) and Rick Fitzgerald (ConocoPhillips)

NGEAO Sports Tournament September 2009: OSU Students (Mark Fleming and Akhila Chintala) giving Craig Cross (Samson Resources) his NGEAO goodie bag


NGEAO Sports Tournament September 2009: Mark Fleming (OSU Student) and Steve Stands (OG&E)

NGEAO Sports Tournament September 2009: Diana Cox (Kaiser Francis Oil Company) and Collin Balke (OG&E)



NGEAO Luncheon August 2009: L to R: Walt Simkins, Lauren Miller, Betty Simkins, Jim  Duncan (Speaker from ConocoPhillips), and Sarah Doughty

NGEAO Luncheon May 2009:  Back Row (L to R): George Githiomi, Daniel Lippe (Speaker from Petral Consulting), Andy Reinert, Jordan Hill, Jennifer Greenwell, Ryan Timms, Front Row (L to R): Shameeka Wyatt and Betty Simkins



Terra Nitrogen Plant Field Trip September 2008

OSU Students (L to R: Alisonn Phelps, Alex Gastineau, Nancy Nguyen, and Matt Quade) with Griff Jones (Back Row on right) at NGEAO Sept. 2007 Sports Tournament