OSU student Trudy Hankins recognized for her
consulting work for local communications company

(October 22, 2012 at 4:18 pm)

Student consultant Trudy Hankins receiving check from Spears Business Engagement Group Director Jerry Rackley

Spears School student Trudy Hankins, a management major, was recently recognized by Spears School Dean Larry Crosby and faculty for her consulting work for Dr. W.K. Baker, owner of an area ALG (above level ground) tower.

When Baker, a retired medical doctor, contacted OSU for assistance in recruiting a cellular provider to put their antennas on his ALG tower, he got much more than he expected.

Trudy Hankins, originally from Miami, Okla., consulted with Baker and achieved something in a “few months that (he) was unable to do in many years,” said Baker.

Hankins is one of 22 students who are a part of the Spears School Business Engagement Group (SBEG), an agency that provides business consulting and services through a team of OSU student consultants.

The request from Baker landed on the desk of Jerry Rackley, executive-in-residence in the marketing department, who is the advisor for the SBEG. “Trudy’s work exemplifies what we want to accomplish through the SBEG. She provided the leadership, the intellect, and the drive – everything required to have a successful outcome for a client,” said Rackley.

When the marketing department conceived of the Spears Business Engagement Group, its goal was to provide an experiential learning opportunity for business majors using real clients and real client problems.

Baker’s project was difficult because it required a lot of research in the cellular communications field. The consultant needed a thorough understanding of the ALG tower and how prospective tenants would use the tower to provide service in its community.

After Rackley initially presented the complicated project to the class, Hankins was the first to volunteer for the difficult task. Hankins took the project on by herself while other students consulted in groups. The out-come of the project resulted in Hankins solidifying numerous client prospects including AT&T and Cricket for Baker’s tower.

Baker sent a thank you note to Rackley and a check for the Engagement Group’s fee of $1,000. He also included an additional $1,000 check to Hankins, and noted that he was “extremely pleased with her work.”

“This Engagement project is a model for all the other projects. If we had all our projects had this outcome, we would be turning clients away. We wouldn’t be able to meet demand for student consultants fast enough,” said Rackley.

The Spears Business Engagement Group serves both for profit and nonprofit organizations. Other current clients include the Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives, Advance Pierre Foods and Sawyer Manufacturing Company.

For more information about the Spears Business Engagement Group or the marketing department at the Spears School of Business, contact Jerry Rackley at (405) 744-4769 or jerry.rackley@okstate.edu

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