Spears School’s Robert A. Baron
to receive 2014 Greif Research Impact Award

by Terry Tush 
(May 7, 2014 at 4:31 pm)
Robert A. Baron

Robert A. Baron

Robert A. Baron, Regents Professor and William S. Spears Chair in the Oklahoma State University School of Entrepreneurship, will be presented the 2014 Greif Research Impact Award this summer at the business meeting of the Entrepreneurship Division of the 74th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management.

The Greif Research Award, established in 2007, is a $5,000 annual award given to the researcher who published the most impactful entrepreneurship article six years ago in the top management and entrepreneurship journals. Impact is measured as receiving the highest number of citations in the five years since the paper was published.

Bruce Barringer, head of School of Entrepreneurship, says it is no surprise that Baron is being honored with the award.

“Robert Baron is one of the top entrepreneurship scholars in the world,” Barringer said. “The Grief Award affirms the impact of his work. We are very fortunate to have Robert as part of our faculty. His intellect and commitment to entrepreneurship research are an inspiration to our faculty and students.”

Baron’s winning paper entitled “The Role of Affect in the Entrepreneurship Process” was published in the Academy of Management Review.

He will be presented his award at the Academy of Management’s annual meeting in Philadelphia in August.