Bruce Barringer, Ph.D. Department Head, School of Entrepreneurship; Professor and N. Malone Mitchel, Jr Chair & Student Ventures Chair School of Entrepreneurship 104 Business Building Stillwater Campus 405-744-9702 (Phone)

Bruce Barringer a Professor and the N. Malone Mitchell, Jr. Chair at Oklahoma State University. He is also the Head of the School of Entrepreneurship. Dr. Barringer’s research interests are in the areas of feasibility analysis, business planning, and the business startup process. Previously, he served on the faculty of the University of Central Florida. He obtained his PhD from the University of Missouri and his MBA from Iowa State University.

Dr. Barringer’s research has been published in Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Management, Journal of Business Venturing, Journal of Small Business Management, Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship, and in several other outlets. Dr. Barringer is the author or co-author of five books, including Entrepreneurship: Successfully Launching New Ventures, Preparing Effective Business Plans, The Truth About Starting a Business, What’s Stopping You? Shatter the 9 Most Common Myths Keeping You From Starting Your Own Business, and Launching a Business: The First 100 Days.


Ph D, University of MissouriManagement1995
MBA, Iowa State University1991
BS, Iowa State UniversityAgricultural Business1978


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Awards and Honors

Best Paper Award in the Strategic Management Track (2007)