Department of Economics and Legal Studies in Business
Laurie Lucas Associate Professor; William S. Spears Chair in Business (Legal Studies) Department of Economics and Legal Studies in Business 206 Business Building Stillwater Campus 405-744-1692 (Phone) 405-744-5180 (Fax)

Laurie A. Lucas is an Associate Professor of Legal Studies. She holds a William S. Spears Chair in Business (Legal Studies). She currently serves as a Co-Editor for the Annual Survey in The Business Lawyer for the Consumer Financial Services Committee of the American Bar Association Section of Business Law. In addition, she serves as the senior articles editor for the American Business Law Journal for the Academy of Legal Studies in Business. In 2013, she also became a member of the Governing Committee for the Conference of Consumer Finance Law. Professor Lucas is a frequent speaker at continuing legal education seminars on commercial law issues and the recipient of numerous research awards. In 2011, she also received the Greiner Award for Undergraduate Teaching at OSU. She teaches graduate and undergraduate courses on the legal and regulatory environment of business and an undergraduate course on law and entrepreneurship. A graduate of the University of Oklahoma College of Law, Professor Lucas’s work has been published in The Business Lawyer, the American Business Law Journal, the Loyola Journal of Consumer Law, and the Consumer Finance Law Quarterly Report, among other legal and business journals. Prior to entering academia, she practiced bankruptcy law in Oklahoma City. She is a member of the American and Oklahoma Bar Associations, the Academy of Legal Studies in Business, the Society of Business Ethics, and the Conference on Consumer Finance Law.