Guidelines for Use

  • Please participate. Mailing lists such as this are a community and are only helpful to the extent that we all pitch in and contribute.
  • Discussions are fine, with disagreements necessary.  However, repeated personal attacks may lead to a revocation of subscription.
  • Remember, others are more likely to read your post when it is short and well-titled in the subject line.
  • When replying to other posts, please copy only the relevant parts of other subscribers’ messages to keep your post short.
  • Remember that when you use your "reply" function in your e-mail program to reply to a message posted on ACR-L, the reply goes out on the list itself, so that everyone sees it.  To send a private message to the subscriber who posted the original message, you will need to manually address a new message to them.  Don’t let this deter you from using ACR-L.  We suggest being just as cautious with any e-mail (not just those to listserv discussion groups).
  • Please sign your name at the end of your post.
  • Please use plain text rather than HTML for your message.  Some of our subscriber’s mailers cannot read HTML.
  • Posts of a commercial nature are unwelcome and will result in serious consequences for anyone posting such a message.
  • We suggest that you do not use attachments.  Many list users are concerned about opening e-mailed attachments whose origins are not clear, because of virus fears.  Thus, attachments will not be read by your intended audience.  Rather than attaching documents, the full text may be inserted in the message (using cut and paste works well).  In addition, longer text files may be put on a website belonging to the author(s) and referenced in the ACR-L post.  That way, those interested may see the full formatted text without fear of downloading a virus.
  • Finally, be aware that ACR-L is an unmoderated discussion group.  Although the list owners monitor the list and perform many maintenance tasks in the background, any posting sent to by a subscriber posts to the entire e-mail list automatically.

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