I am going on vacation. Should I cancel my subscription until I get back? Should I set an automatic reply on my e-mail program?

by Shoko Robinson 
(June 20, 2012 at 1:50 pm)

We strongly suggest that you do not use the automatic reply function on your e-mail program while normally subscribed to ACR-L.  The software does not always catch these replies, and may post them to the list, producing a loop of multiple (and seemingly endless) messages from your address.

Neither do you need to cancel your subscription.  Rather, you can temporarily suspend ACR-L mail to your subscribed address by sending a "SET ACR-L NOMAIL" command to listserv@listserv.okstate.edu.  When you want to start mail service from the ACR-L listserv upon your return, send a "SET ACR-L MAIL" command to listserv@listserv.okstate.edu.  Please note that if you want to resume a digest format for your subscription, you may need to reset that option upon your return (see above on how to receive the digest version).

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