I continue to receive the messages from the list, but I cannot post any messages. Any messages I have sent to ACR-L@listserv.okstate.edu have been returned saying unauthorized user. Why?

by Shoko Robinson 
(June 19, 2012 at 9:40 pm)

You may have several mail addresses, but you read all your mail from one account by having the mail forwarded to it.  Or your email address has changed because your computer center changed the node name.  In either case, your local mail handler forwards all mail to your email address correctly and everything appears normal.  However, when you send a message to be posted, it checks to see if you are a subscriber.  Since the message has now been sent from a node which is different than the one you used for subscription, it rejects the message as coming from an unauthorized user.  This has been a common problem and has an easy solution.  For our purposes, it is the same as the last question on changing email addresses.  Simply SIGNOFF from the old account and SUBSCRIBE again from the new account.  If you cannot send a message from the old account, send us a message after you have successfully subscribed to the list again, and we can delete the old address.  In the meanwhile you may be blessed with duplicate messages from the list!

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