The ACR-L messages that I receive are not clearly marked that they are from ACR-L in the “sender” or “from” lines on my e-mail, making it difficult to filter the ACR-L messages that I receive. Any way to fix this?

by Shoko Robinson 
(June 20, 2012 at 1:48 pm)

The listserv software interacts in various ways with different e-mail program software.  Most users will find that ACR-L postings that they receive are addressed as "To:" and "Forwarded From: The_e-mail_address_of_the_person_who_posted."  However, other subscribers may find that the posts they receive are not marked as ACR-L messages.  One way to work around this problem, particularly if you want to filter or automatically file the ACR-L messages you receive, is to change the way the listserv lists the subject line for postings.

You can make the subject line of ACR-L postings to tell you that is from ACR-L, by sending a "SET ACR-L SUBJECTHDR" command to

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