Economics and Legal Studies in Business Scholarships

Only declared economics and general business majors are eligible for scholarships in this section unless stated otherwise.

Baugh, Russell and Florence Scholarship*

Amount: Variable
Criteria Freshman, Oklahoma high school graduate, 3.2+ GPA, ACT score of 24-26, leadership, Economics major

Bumpass, Ralph and Opal Memorial Scholarship

Amount: $1000
Criteria 3.0+ GPA, business school, preferences in the following order:

  1. Graduate of Monterey High School in Lubbock, TX
  2. Lubbock High School, Estacado High School, or Coronado High School in Lubbock, TX, Economics major
  3. Any high school in Texas

The Economic Club of Oklahoma Scholarship

Amount: Variable
Criteria Full-time senior expected to graduate in the current academic year in an economics, finance, or business administration program, excluding accounting majors, 3.0+ GPA

Fowler, Joe W. Endowed Scholarship*

Amount: Variable
Criteria General Business major, 3.0+ GPA, need

Hensley Family Scholarship for Financial Internships*

Amount: Variable
Criteria Junior or senior, 3.0+ GPA, finance, economics, or marketing major, used to help offset costs of summer internships with investment firms in significant financial centers, must be receiving academic credit

Jadlow, Joseph M. Endowed Scholarship Fund*

Amount: Variable
Criteria Economics major, 3.0+ GPA, need, undergraduate or graduate students

Lage, Gerald M. Memorial Graduate Endowed Scholarship*

Amount: Variable
Criteria Full-time economics student, preference to a graduate student in economics

Leftwich, Judith Memorial Scholarship*

Amount: Variable
Criteria 3.0+ GPA, leadership, Economics major

Waits, Dana G. Memorial Scholarship*

Amount: Variable
Criteria Full time, undergraduate, economics major, College of Arts & Sciences, freshman or sophomore

Warner, Larkin Endowment for Scholarships*

Amount: Not less than $300 or more than $3000
Criteria Spears School or Arts & Sciences Economics Major
Undergraduate student

*Endowed Scholarship

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