Frequently Asked Questions

If you are unable to find an answer to your question on this list, please contact our office directly either by email or by phone at 405-744-2951.


Admission Test Requirements

Can I be admitted to a Program and then take the admissions test (GMAT/GRE) during the first semester?

Can the GRE be used instead of the GMAT?

Can the test requirement be waived?

For International applicants, is the TOEFL or IELTS required? Can the IELTS be used instead of the TOEFL?

How long does it take for a test score to arrive at the Spears School Graduate Programs office?

I am an alumnus of OSU. Is the GMAT required?

What are the GMAT school codes for the Graduate Programs at the Spears School of Business?

What are the school codes for the TOEFL or GRE tests?

What if I don’t make the minimum recommended score on the admissions test? Can I still be admitted?

Where can I find information about preparing for the GMAT or a GMAT Test Preparation Course?

Application Materials

Are transcripts required as part of the application materials for Spears Graduate Programs?

Can applications be submitted after the deadline?

For a Master’s program application, what is a Statement of Purpose and what should be included in it? What is the suggested format?

How should Recommendation letters be formatted, what information should be included, and do they have to be on company letterhead?

I’m applying to a PhD Program and a statement and writing sample are required. What should I use and how long should it be?

Who should I ask for recommendations for the application?

Career Placement Services

Does the Graduate Programs office offer career placement services?

Distance Learning

Can I do a Spears Ph.D. Program online?

Does online learning require any time on-campus in either Stillwater or Tulsa to complete the requirements for graduation?

What degrees can I get through Online Learning?

What is Online Learning?

What is the first thing new Online Learning students need to do about the OKEY, email, and pin set up?

What will the diploma show if I completed the coursework through Online Learning?

Who is the academic advisor for Online Learning enrollment?

Enrollment Procedures

Can I take all the classes in Tulsa and complete the degree there?

I’ve been admitted to a Master’s or PhD Program. How do I enroll for classes?

What’s the difference between fulltime and part-time?

Financial Aid/Scholarships/Assistantships

What financial aid/scholarships do you have for Online Learning students?

Where can I find additional information about Financial Aid or Scholarship opportunities?

General Admissions

Can I apply for summer admission to a master’s or PhD program?

How long are the semesters?

Military Personnel

Can military training be used as “transfer credit” or will active duty experience qualify for course credit

Do active-duty military personnel have to take the GMAT for admission to the MBA Program? Can military service/training be used in lieu of this requirement?

I am active duty military. How do I make sure I am charged the military tuition rate for online learning?

Where can I find information about Veterans Services?


Do you offer a degree in Health Care Administration (HCA)?

How long after application deadlines will I find out if I’ve been admitted?

I have a three-year undergraduate degree, can I apply to Spears?

Where do I find housing if I am moving to Stillwater?

Non-Degree Seeking/'Special' Students

Are pre-requisite or “leveling” courses required for MBA admission?

Can I enroll in classes without being admitted to a Program?

I’m a non-degree seeking student through the Graduate College. How do I get enrolled?

Residency and Tuition

How can I know if I qualify for in-state tuition?

If I completed my undergraduate degree at OSU, but now live outside the state of Oklahoma, can I still get in-state residency tuition rates?