Academic Program

The MS in MIS program facilitates opportunities for professional growth, leadership, friendship and personal interactions with faculty members and industry professionals. Students gain practical experience by applying the theoretical knowledge acquired in classrooms to real-world projects. This program exposes members to hands-on professional experience, which serves as a great advantage in the competitive job market.

The MIS program does not require prospective students to have a background or a degree in business. The 33-34 hour program includes a 22-hour common core of courses (21-hour core for part-time students) and a 12-hour option in Data Science or Application Development. All courses are available through the online learning option unless otherwise noted.

Roll-outs of the courses are available toward the bottom of the page for OSU-Stillwater, OSU-Tulsa and Distance Learning.

Required Courses
MSIS 5623 MIS in Business
MSIS 5643 Advanced Data Base Management
MSIS 5653 Advanced Systems Analysis & Design
MSIS 5023 Programming for Analytics
MSIS 5663 Data Warehousing
MSIS 5673 Descriptive Analytics and Visualization
MSIS 5600 Professional Development for Information Technologist
Not required for part-time students
MSIS 5900 Practicum in Business Information Systems

Note MSIS 5900: Students who are not able to do internships will need to take another Course to satisfy this requirement.

A minimum of twelve credit hours must be completed in one of two areas to complete an option.
Data Science Option: Choose 1 required course and any 3 from other mentioned below
MSIS 5633 Predictive Analytics Technologies (required course for option)
MSIS 5683 Big Data Analytics Technologies
MSIS 5303 Prescriptive Analytics
MKTG 5983 Data Base Marketing (online enrollment only)
MKTG 5963 Data Mining and CRM Applications (online enrollment only)
Application Development Option:
MSIS 5123 Enterprise Resource Planning
MSIS 5133 Internet-based App Development
MSIS 5683 Big Data Analytics Technologies
MSIS 5033 Project Management


OSU-Stillwater, OSU-Tulsa and Distance Learning

Fall Spring Summer
MSIS 5623 MSIS 5623
MSIS 5643
MSIS 5673
MSIS 5663 MSIS 5663
MSIS 5653
MSIS 5023
MSIS 5633
MSIS 5683
MSIS 5123
MSIS 5600 MSIS 5900
MSIS 5900 MSIS 5900