Governor’s Executive Development
Program hosted by OSU

by Terry Tush 
(August 29, 2011 at 8:37 am)

Governor’s Executive Development Program poster

Forty-two executives from Oklahoma government agencies attended the 6th Annual Governor’s Executive Development Program July 31 through Aug. 4 at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Okla.

This uniquely designed program was developed around five executive leadership competencies for top-level state officials. It was presented by exceptional faculty members, whose specific goals were to improve participants’ ability to lead change, lead people, achieve results, and build business acumen, coalitions and communication.

“Four days were filled with very valuable insight and useful information,” said Brian King, of the Oklahoma Employees Benefits Council. “It included great tools for state officials to make their agencies work better and cost less, and improve communications at all levels.”

The program featured sessions by faculty members from OSU, University of Oklahoma, and American University in Washington, D.C. Instructors facilitating the sessions were Drs. Raja Basu, Andy Urich, Matt Bowler, Ken Eastman, Lee Manzer and Debra Nelson from OSU; Drs. Ryan Bisel and Daniel Ostas from OU; Dr. Patrick Malone from American University, and Dr. Bob Blackburn from the Oklahoma Historical Society.

“This is an unbelievable learning and growth opportunity right here in our own state with our own instructors, which is a great value,” said Steve Funck, Oklahoma Office of State Finance.

“The Governor’s Executive Development Program offered an outstandingly educational experience to improve ways in which you think and make decisions; exchange ideas in an interactive setting, while learning new skills; and a merging of resources from OSU and OU,” continued Funck.

“We believe the Governor’s Executive Development Program is a valuable asset to our state government leaders,” said Lisa Fortier, director of human resource development services for the Oklahoma Office of Personnel Management. “The involvement of the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University in offering the curriculum seemed a natural match in delivering a top-quality program which provides an opportunity for these executive officials to exchange ideas and learn new skills in an interactive setting.”

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