Two Spears School Of Business Graduates
Receive Forbes ‘Top 30 Under 30’ Honors

by Terry Tush 
(January 31, 2012 at 2:29 pm)

Spears School of Business graduates Kayvon Olomi and Taylor Shinn were recently honored with the Forbes “Top 30 Under 30” achievement. Forbes Magazine recognized 30 outstanding business people under the age of 30 in 12 work fields that are making a difference.

Shinn and Olomi are both graduates of Oklahoma State University’s Spears School of Business. The Forbes “Top 30 Under 30” has not only distinguished these men as valuable to their work force but also as valuable to society. With diligence and persistence, Shinn and Olomi have broadened their horizons through a gateway that started at OSU.

Olomi, founder of AppTank, made his way into Forbes Magazine at the age of 26. AppTank is an online marketplace that matches mobile developers with application projects.

Kayvon and Hillary Olomi

“I like to measure success based upon if I have learned and gained skills from a venture,” Olomi said. “I believe it is best this way because even though a concept might fail, you gain invaluable experience and knowledge that you can capitalize on with future ventures. So always be sure to walk away with a story of success whether it be from a successful venture or one that failed.

“Another thing is always believe in it, because you believe in it and have passion for it, not because you believe it will make you rich. If you go into a venture for the money, you won’t make it,” said Olomi.

Olomi says “the overall tenure at OSU played a huge impact from the academics to the exposure. It was very well rounded and balanced experience throughout the years.”

Shinn, Senior Director of Corporate Development with Chesapeake Energy, found his place on the Forbes Magazine list at the age of 27. After earning his degree from the Spears School, Shinn has worked his way to the top tier of the Oklahoma City energy company’s natural gas department. Shinn is a part of Chesapeake’s partnership in building compressed natural gas fueling stations.

Taylor Shinn

“The SSB offered me many things while I pursued my undergraduate degree and provided me with the confidence and skills to work in the aggressive energy sector,” Shinn said. “Not only did I learn much about the dynamic fundamentals of finance, marketing, business development, and corporate management but the various programs and leadership opportunities within SSB enabled me to continue to refine business strategies and understand the development side of business.

Shinn has many to thank for making his climb at Chesapeake. “I’ve been blessed to work for and alongside incredible leaders at my company and have been mentored by wonderful people. My wife, Katie, my family, and my friends have been extremely supportive and encouraging of me and they deserve much of the credit,” he said.

“Furthermore, my past professors, both in my undergrad and graduate programs, helped give me a foundation on business principles and encouraged me to work hard. The Oklahoma State work ethic and team-oriented philosophy is something that sets all of us apart and is a key reason for anyone’s success.”

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