Oklahoma State University teams impress at 2012 SAS Analytics shootout competition

by Terry Tush 
(October 18, 2012 at 10:11 am)
Photo of OSU's team that finished in second at the event.

Oklahoma State University’s team receives a $3,000 check for placing second in the SAS Analytics shootout competition. Joining Spears School professor of marketing Goutam Chakraborty in being recognized by SAS officials are, front row, from left, Shirmeen Virji, Juan Ma and Matthew Dale Rumsey. Not pictured is Isaac Pisors.

Four Spears School of Business students were recognized as one of the nation’s top teams earlier this month in the SAS Analytics shootout competition at the 2012 Analytics Conference in Las Vegas, Nev.

Oklahoma State University’s Isaac Pisors and Matthew Dale Rumsy, distance-learning students in the graduate certificate program in business data mining; Shirmeen Virji, a full-time management information systems (MIS) master’s student, and Juan Ma, a full-time student in industrial engineering, finished second out of more than 50 teams competing in the shootout.

Group photo of OSU's honorable mention recipients.

Two Oklahoma State teams received honorable mention recognition at the SAS Analytics shootout competition. Joining Spears School professor of marketing Goutam Chakraborty in being recognized are, front row, from left, Gautam Mehta, Aditya Gokhale, Swati Grover, Jeffin V. Jacob and Vinay Emmadi. Not pictured are Atul Thatte and Srihari Jaganathan.

This is the sixth consecutive year that at least one OSU student team has placed in the top three of the shootout, the largest data mining competition in the world, allowing students to demonstrate their expertise in data mining alongside industry professionals.

In addition, two other teams of Oklahoma State students received honorable mention recognition.

The trio of Atul Thatte and Gautam Mehta, distance-learning students in graduate certificate in business data mining, and Vinay Emmadi, a full-time MIS master’s student, were recipients of honorable mention recognition for their efforts.

Photo of OSU students and alums at the conference.

Oklahoma State University has one of the largest contingent of current students and working professionals who are former students at the Analytics Conference each year. It was no different in 2012 when about 35 representatives of OSU and the Spears School gathered in Las Vegas.

Also, a team consisting of Jeffin V. Jacob and Swati Grover, full-time MBA students, Aditya Gokhale, a full-time MIS master’s student, and Srihari Jaganathan, a distance-learning student in graduate certificate in business data mining, received honorable mention.

“I am very proud of our students’ accomplishments in the shootout. This is a really tough field with many universities vying for the five teams that are recognized publicly at the conference in front of about 1,000 professionals,” said Goutam Chakraborty, professor of marketing and founder of the SAS and OSU Data Mining Certificate program.

“Through the history of this tournament, OSU student teams have won more awards than any other university’s team. This clearly demonstrates the strength of our data mining and analytics program, our faculty and students.”

A total of 17 OSU students presented posters at the conference:

  • Akkarapol Sa-ngasoongsong, Multi-Step Sales Forecasting in Automotive Industry
  • Ganesh Badisa, Evaluation of Movie Reviews by SAS Text Mining
  •  Jiawen Liu, Opinion mining of Android app review 
  • Mantosh Kumar Sarkar, SAS Sentiment Analysis Studio to Help Uncover Customer Sentiments
  • Musthan Kader Meeran Mohideen, Management Intervention in a Hospital using SAS Text Miner
  • Pankush Kalgotra, Neural Network and Bidding in Sports League 
  • Pankush Kalgotra, Square Matrix Parallelization in Big Data
  • Parijat Ghosh, Predicting User Ratings and Recommendations of Airlines
  • Sree Deepak Kothapalli, Data Visualization in Higher Education-Enrollment Managemen 
  • Srihari Jaganathan, Building Predictive Models with Small Data
  • Siddhartha Reddy Mandati, Application of SAS Text Mining to Summarize E-commerce Customer Reviews
  • Srikar Rayabaram Prabhakar, A Comparison Rapid Predictive Modeler (RPM) vs. Enterprise Miner
  • Sriram Ghattamaneni, Decision Tree based Splitting Rules to Predict Check Deposit Fraud
  • Sriram Ghattamaneni, The Game Prophet
  • Swati Grover, Analysis of change in sentiments towards Chick-Fil-A
  • Vengatasubramani Dhatchinamoo, Predicting Amazon’s Best Seller Rank for Books
  • Yu Fu, Impact of London Olympics 2012 on the Economy of England

For more information about the data mining certificate program at the Spears School, go to the Business Analytics and Data Mining Certificates Program website, call Chakraborty at 405-744-7644 or send an email to goutam.chakraborty@okstate.edu.