OSU Health Data Explorers dive in to data

by Ariel West 
(June 6, 2016 at 3:56 pm)
Students participate in the first Health Data Explorers program in the Center for Health Systems Innovation.

Students participate in the first Health Data Explorers program in the Center for Health Systems Innovation.

Students participated in the inaugural Health Data Explorers program at Oklahoma State University’s Center for Health Systems Innovation (CHSI) in the spring.

The program was created to allow students to gain valuable skills in analyzing health data and creating models from the information. Students are given a subset of data to analyze and use for any class projects needed and turn in their findings to the Center. The experience helps initiate students into the world of health data and its unique issues.

“When we first started the program, we were in need of more help analyzing the health data we received from the Cerner Corporation,” said Elvena Fong, program manager at CHSI. “A lot of students have come to us in the past wanting data, but it was a challenge when they didn’t have a specific topic in mind. So we decided to create a program to meet these two needs.”

Tanu Srivastav, a master’s student in the Management Science and Information Systems program, was able to secure a summer internship thanks to the experience she gained from the Health Data Explorers program. She said the analytical work broadened her knowledge in the health analytics field.

“My experience with CHSI was tremendous,” Srivastav said. “This program opened the door for me in the field of health analytics. Performing data analysis on health data is very different; the information is so sensitive and critical that you cannot just perform any sort of imputation, you have to be thorough. This type of information can lead to more efficient processes for the health care field.”

“When we first started this initiative, we didn’t know what to expect,” Fong said. “It has turned out to be a big win for everyone.”

The OSU Center for Health Systems Innovation (CHSI) operates at the crossroads of the Spears School of Business and the Health Sciences Center. CHSI is focused on discovering and implementing solutions for the transformation of rural health care delivery.

To learn more about the OSU Center for Health Systems Innovation, visit the organization’s website at http://chsi.okstate.edu/.