City of Stillwater vice mayor
speaks with OSU MBA students

by Taylor Mullan 
(February 14, 2017 at 3:43 pm)
Pat Darlington

Pat Darlington speaks to OSU MBA students.

Students at Oklahoma State University are presented with great opportunities for networking and creating connections. Patricia Darlington spoke to OSU MBA students Feb. 10 about the importance of moments and maintaining connections.

Darlington attended Regis College in Denver, before transferring to the University of Missouri-Kansas City where she received her bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene in 1973. Following this, she worked as a hygienist and taught dental hygiene in Midwest City, Oklahoma.

In 1991, Darlington completed her master’s of religious education from Loyola University-New Orleans. She was the director of religious education St. John’s/St. Francis parishes in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

In 1998, she completed her master’s degree in community counseling from OSU and was elected to the Stillwater School Board. In 2002, Darlington completed her PhD in applied behavioral health/counseling psychology from OSU and is a licensed psychologist in private practice. Darlington believes success is not always about what you learn but maintaining patience and faith in good and bad times.

Darlington believes one person can do anything, and she proved this by developing the Oakcreek Community in Stillwater. Then, she realized her strengths and ran for city council. In 2014, she was elected to Stillwater City Council and has been the vice mayor since 2015. She strongly feels that people should have a say in their community.

“Don’t leave politics to politicians; show your voice,” Darlington said.

Pat Darlington

Pat Darlington

Next, Darlington mentions the things we tell people are important, and life is about those moments that change your perspective. These can be positive or negative events because somethings just happen.

Darlington explains that no skill is worth anything if you don’t know yourself, but don’t get too full of yourself. It is important to be aware of who you are and have acceptance for all that you are. This leads to confidence, and confidence often leads to success.

She continues by providing insight in finding out who you are, while taking risks and any opportunity to travel. Try different things and do not be afraid to reach out to people because we need others to help us sometimes. Also, maintain integrity, and do not save your values for another time because they are always important. Everyone is connected and nothing is random, so connections in life are going to happen so embrace them. You are typically not the only one thinking a certain way, so speak up.

“Think about what you need in your professional life and others will be thinking it too,” Darlington said.

As a concluding thought, Darlington urged students to pay attention and be alert to learn how to speak clearly and respectively in conflict.

MBA students provided feedback about the significance they received from Darlington.

“Listening to Dr. Darlington speak was great insight into a positive, self-less and connective way to live life,” Kaylee Gryzmala, MBA student, said. “She sent an amazing message that I will continue to apply to my everyday life.”

“Dr. Darlington brought up an interesting topic to us this past Friday,” Gabriel Bahr, MBA student, said. “She spoke about the power of words and the effects they can have on people. I will take away this knowledge to help me progress my career as a future MBA.”