Bryan Edwards: Keeping the peace,
even in the workplace

by Hannah Barron 
(November 30, 2017 at 9:42 am)

Bryan EdwardsEveryone faces confrontation within the confines of their workspace. It’s unavoidable, as employees have different opinions and outlooks on how they think things should run. But how should employees handle confrontation? Everyone has seen examples of how not to handle themselves when confrontations arise. There are those who ignore confrontation, those who accept it and have no intention of finding a solution, and those who take frustration out on others. All are perfect examples of incorrect reactions.

Oklahoma State University associate professor Bryan Edwards utilizes experience and research to help teach people how to effectively manage confrontations. He specializes in human resource management and organizational behavior, and Edwards’ research interests include training and development, performance management, and organizational change and development.

“Managing confrontations poorly or failing to hold people accountable is all because you get emotional, and the tips I have is to prevent you from getting emotional and angry,” said Edwards, the Joe Synar Chair and associate professor of management in OSU’s Spears School of Business. “Sometimes you prepare to have a confrontation and you’re well prepared but then it turns into something different, so you’ve got to be very adaptable in the sense that you could get angry or the other person could get angry.”

Edwards covers topics such as how to effectively manage your confrontation, hold others accountable and how to master performance discussions. He approaches these topics from an encouraging and positive angle.

Everyone experiences conflict but companies don’t thrive in the midst of emotional strife. Edwards guides employees through different steps to help navigate their emotions and ultimately keep the peace while still being an effective manager and leader for the organization.

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