MBA Program

OSU grads’ company receives major research grant

John Helsley
  (January 10, 2018 at 3:56 pm)

MITO founders Haley Keith and her husband Kevin Keith pose with OSU professor and company CEO Richard Gajan (right) when MITO was recognized previously at the Baylor Business New Venture Competition.

STILLWATER, Okla. – MITO Material Solutions, a company grown by a student from an Oklahoma State University classroom project, has been awarded a National Science Foundation Research grant for $224,988 to conduct research and development on a nano-additive that increases the durability of composite materials utilized in aerospace, recreation and automotive industries.

Haley Keith and her husband Kevin, graduates from OSU, founded MITO and serve as president and vice president. Richard Gajan, a Thoma Family assistant professor entrepreneurship in the OSU Spears School of Business, serves as CEO of MITO.

The additive was developed in OSU’s Helmerich Research Center in Tulsa by Dr. Ranji Vaidyanathan. Haley adopted a business plan for MITO as part of a classroom project in the Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Scholars Program. The project grew into a full-fledged business that continues to gain traction, with this grant helping in the creation of two engineering positions at inception, while 200 employees are anticipated within five to seven years.

“MITO has never really stopped moving, but the SBIR award allowed us to finally put a lot more fuel in the tank,” Haley said. “Our momentum in 2018 is continuously growing as this grant provides the funds for us to pursue the commercial development of our product with two full-time employees, while securing our Series A funding round.”

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MBA students hear from professor,
book author about life balance

Taylor Mullan
  (December 19, 2017 at 5:06 pm)
Aaron Hill and OSU MBA students

Assistant professor of management Aaron Hill, center with orange tie, spoke to OSU MBA students about the self-improvement book he co-authored, “The Circle Blueprint.”

Oklahoma State University assistant professor of management Aaron Hill is going beyond the classroom to improve the life of not only his students but others around the world. Hill shared his method in enhancing lives with OSU MBA students during their final Professional Development class of the semester.

Along with Jack Skeen and Greg Miller, Hill authored a self-improvement book called “The Circle Blueprint.” Skeen is a psychologist who is now an executive coach, and Miller received his PhD from OSU studying factors driving turnover and is now the CEO of CrossCom, a technology services company. After taking the self-assessment online at, readers can dive into the book to learn more about a balance in life and how to improve in areas where he or she needs work.

To prove developing this book is solely a social endeavor to help others, all proceed from the book are donated to charity. One of the projects includes creating a scholarship at OSU.

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OSU MBA students listen to encouraging
words about overcoming disabilities

Taylor Mullan
  (October 9, 2017 at 1:34 pm)

Founder and CEO of the Score Foundation George Abraham visited with OSU MBA students.

Under special circumstances, George Abraham traveled to Stillwater, Oklahoma from India on his own to speak with graduate students in the Professional Development class on September 29. Abraham encouraged students to follow their dreams despite other’s negativity. He also shared his experiences and challenges living visually impaired.

Growing up, people did not have faith in a future for children who were visually impaired. It was common for people to express their doubts about his future to him and his parents. Fortunately for Abraham, his parents saw much more in him than just a blind child, and they did everything they could to give him the opportunities to succeed in regular school.

One of these opportunities included participating in athletics. He enjoyed running, but he did not start out as a fast runner and continued to come in last place. As he continued to practice, he gradually improved his skills. Eventually, he became the fastest runner in the school. Continue Reading

OSU MBA students travel to China to
experience working with other cultures

Taylor Mullan
  (October 9, 2017 at 9:09 am)

MBA students visited China for the Corporate Strategy class.

Before the Fall 2017 semester began, Oklahoma State University MBA students enrolled in the Corporate Strategy class had the opportunity to travel to China for 10 days. While abroad, students experienced culture, sightseeing and collaboration with Chinese students from Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, followed by a final stop in Hong Kong.

The trip began in Beijing with tours and visitations to local businesses. The culture and cuisine largely differs from that in the United States. This highly populated city constantly bustles from activities of the everyday citizen. The delicious cuisine is served family-style around a large circular table with a Lazy Susan in the middle. This setup allows for the sharing of not only food but also conversation among those at the table.

Students traveled around this part of China, including a partial trek along the Great Wall of China and visit to Tiananmen Square. Continue Reading

MBA students listen to early career advice
from Oklahoma State alumnus Austin Murch

Taylor Mullan
  (October 5, 2017 at 1:19 pm)
Austin Murch

Austin Murch

While students typically learn from leaders with numerous years of career experience, those attending the September 15 professional development course were given a chance to listen to early career advice from recent MBA alumnus, Austin Murch. Murch, a project controller with Sandia National Laboratories, was once the MBA Association president and received his MBA degree from OSU in 2015.

Murch began his talk by explaining how he learned from and embraced each obstacle he faced when going into the workforce.

“I took something from every stop, every challenge, and shaped my career path,” Murch said.

This led the discussion into the topic of failure and success. Murch suggests one way to overcome the feeling of failure is to change your outlook on situations because you may not be failing at all.

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First-Year Oklahoma State MBA students attend
three-day orientation, including teambuilding

Taylor Mullan
  (September 28, 2017 at 3:07 pm)

Students learn more about the MBA program during orientation.

Incoming Oklahoma State University MBA students received their first taste of the graduate program during a three-day orientation. During this time, they experienced an introduction to courses, got to know fellow MBA students, and collected information about programs and involvement.

The first day of orientation began with presentations of academic guidelines and professionalism, along with general information about the MBA program.

“Orientation for the MBA program was an awesome experience,” Colin Kuzdak, first-semester MBA student, said. “It wasn’t just lectures about the program and meeting our professors but it was more about us students getting to know each other and understanding the tools we have to be successful as MBA students.”

After lunch, students learned about career readiness from Abbey Davis with Charles Machine Works and Garrett Purdum with Chesapeake Energy Corp. To conclude the day, a presentation about the MBA case completion was explained. The case competition is required for full-time MBA students, and gives them the opportunity to work as a team to develop a plan to solve a given business problem and present it to executives. Continue Reading

Graduate students recognized at
annual awards banquet

Taylor Mullan
  (April 26, 2017 at 3:09 pm)

From left, Imran Selim and Duygu Phillips were honored at the awards banquet.

The Watson Graduate of Management hosted its annual awards banquet on April 7. MBA student Duygu Phillips was recognized as the Outstanding Masters Student for the MBA program, the Outstanding SAS Student Certificate and received OSU Marketing Analytics recognition. MBA student Imran Selim was recognized with an Outstanding SAS Student Certificate and OSU Marketing Analytics.

Phillips is an Exxon Mobil Scholar with a concentration in marketing analytics and entrepreneurship, so she is taking classes such as CIE Scholars. She has been the editorial assistant to Marketing Journal (JMPTP), which has helped her become involved in academia and learn through articles and research. Phillips learned about the publishing process for an academic paper, which is great preparation to pursue a PhD.

Also, she is the MBA Association Vice President of International Affairs, and started the Brown Bag Lunch Series, where business professionals and students meet over lunch, network, exchange ideas and get advice. She has been developing her own business and was accepted into the incubator in accelerateOSU, the student startup center. Continue Reading

OSU MBA students learn about
different aspects of consulting

Taylor Mullan
  (April 24, 2017 at 1:21 pm)

Ajay Gupta spoke to MBA students in April.

Ajay Gupta, consultant at McKinsey & Company, shared his insight on the various sides of business and consulting with Oklahoma State University MBA students this April.

Gupta began with one of his favorite aspects of consulting. He shared what keeps him at his job and why he enjoys it. Gupta enjoys his job because he has a variety of work and clients, which provides him with quite a bit of exposure to various industries. Emphasizing these aspects helps him develop his personal value.

“Every engagement with the client offers an exciting challenge,” Gupta said. “Customers have a choice, so I make sure I provide plenty of value to each of them.”

Gupta explained the type of people who enjoy working for McKinsey & Company. He says it is a good system if you like to do work and be rewarded for it.

His message shifted to matching career paths with interests. Consultants pursue career paths that match their interests. The generalists work across industries and functions to get a range of experiences and skills. The practice consultants focus on a certain industry or function. An implementation coach helps organizations develop the capabilities they need to continuously deliver sustained improvement. Continue Reading

Oklahoma State student startup team
sees great success at business competitions

Taylor Mullan
  (April 24, 2017 at 1:11 pm)

From left, Haley Kurtz and Kevin Keith of MITO Material Solutions takes first at the 2016 Governor’s Cup in Oklahoma City.

MITO Material Solutions is a student startup team created by Oklahoma State University MBA student Haley Kurtz and mechanical engineering technology student Kevin Keith.

Kurtz, chief executive officer, and Keith, chief operating officer, are under the guidance of assistant professor of entrepreneurship Richard Gajan and professor Ranji Vaidyanathan of the OSU College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology. Kurtz and Keith are also a part of the accelerateOSU program.

Kurtz says the opportunity to work with this startup is because of resources provided through the MBA program and working for accelerate OSU. While she is only a part-time MBA student, she dedicates her time to school, MITO Material Solutions, and traveling to competitions. She also works full-time for accelerateOSU, the OSU School of Entrepreneurship’s newest division that aids student startups.

Kurtz was interested in the Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) class, which provides its students with a project. This is a one semester class offered in the fall with the goal for its students to understand and commercialize technology. To enroll in the class, students must complete the interview process where only 30 students are selected for the class, and only 10 of the 30 students are MBA students. This class presented Kurtz the opportunity to work with MITO. Continue Reading

OSU MBA students learn about interacting
with different personality types

Spears School News Staff
  (April 19, 2017 at 4:16 pm)

Ann Dyer spoke with OSU MBA students.

Oklahoma State University students learn quite a bit about themselves and their classmates during their course studies and how to interact with others. Ann Dyer spoke with OSU MBA students about leadership and working with various personality types inside and outside of business.

Dyer begins her discussion with critical success factors to leading successful change programs. She emphasizes the importance of doing research on the company or organization you seek to work with to drive change. This principle applies to an external consultant as well as a new employee.   Dyer also discussed the need to build a case for change by comparing market positions, including threats, and create a vision for what success could look like. The case for change should include a financial business case, approach to achieving the outcomes, aligned budgets, and finally, an understanding of what the risk of doing nothing would be.

The topic then switched to the students and how they should present themselves. This is the importance of a personal leadership brand, including how you speak, what people say about you and what impact you make; that is your legacy. While developing a personal brand, it is important to learn from mistakes, trial and error, and never take things too personally. Dyer discussed the concept of recognizing key observable behaviors, assertiveness and responsiveness. These behaviors can help you understand your social style and determine the style of others who you are working with. She stressed that it is important to determine and adapt your style to other’s style if you seek to make an impact. Continue Reading

Spears School business analytics students
reap success at 2017 SAS Global Forum

Ariel West
  (April 17, 2017 at 2:19 pm)

Oklahoma State University Spears School of Business master’s in business analytics students and faculty.

Oklahoma State University Spears School of Business master’s in business analytics students and faculty took home several awards earlier this month while attending the annual SAS Global Forum in Orlando, Florida.

Business analytic graduate students Anirban Chakraborty and Indra Kiran Chowdavarapu received the SAS Student Ambassador award, which included an all-expense paid trip to the conference to attend and present their papers. Only 15 awards are given each year to students worldwide, and this is the seventh year in a row that an OSU student has received the award.

Business analytic graduate students Indra Kiran Chowdavarapu (left) and Anirban Chakraborty (right) received the SAS Student Ambassador award.

An OSU team of students competed in the SAS Student Symposium and was named a Top 8 Finalist, which awarded the entire team an all-expense paid trip to attend the conference and present their research symposium ideas. The team consisted of master’s in business analytics full-time students Jayant Sharma and Sid Grover, who was also awarded the SAS Student Scholarship award, and online learning students John Eacott and Par Aravazhi. This is the second year in a row that an OSU team has competed and finished in the Top 8 and the eighth year in a row that an OSU student was awarded the SAS Student Scholarship.
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OSU student team receives more than $90,000
at Rice Business Plan Competition

Ariel West
  (April 10, 2017 at 4:32 pm)

Haley Kurtz and Kevin Keith with MITO Material Solutions places second in the Rice Business Plan Competition.

Oklahoma State University student startup team MITO Material Solutions has once again proved itself by placing second at the prestigious Rice Business Plan Competition, an annual collegiate pitch competition hosted by Rice University.

MITO is composed of MBA student Haley Kurtz, chief executive officer, and mechanical engineering technology student Kevin Keith, chief operating officer, and are coached by assistant professor of Entrepreneurship Richard Gajan in the Spears School of Business and professor Ranji Vaidyanathan of the OSU College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology.

MITO’s product is an adhesive epoxy additive which allow manufacturers to double the durability or significantly decreases the weight of composite materials utilized in the aerospace, recreation and automotive industries. It is based on technology developed at the Helmerich Research Center in Tulsa.

MITO received $50,000 in investment prizing for placing second, provided by the Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship and sponsored by Finger Interest and the Anderson Family Fund at the Greater Houston Community Foundation. Keith placed fifth in the Mercury Fund Elevator Pitch Competition and received $500 in cash. Kurtz received a total of $40,000 in investment prizing for winning the Courageous Women Entrepreneur award, provided by nCourage Entrepreneurs Investment Group. Continue Reading

Venkat Tadanki presents about international
business relations to OSU MBA students

Taylor Mullan
  (March 2, 2017 at 10:02 am)

Venkat Tadanki, CEO of Secova, visited OSU MBA students Feb. 24.

Attending a university provides students with opportunities to study business internationally. Oklahoma State University MBA students listened as Venkat Tadanki shared “the local twist to a global dream” on Feb. 24.

Tadanki shared his thoughts on the secret “sauce” for international entrepreneurship. He began by explaining how to leverage the global corridors. By developing the business locally, it becomes stronger to move global.

After moving to the U.S. in the 1990s on behalf of a large Indian company, Tadanki made observations of the global market. He realized cultural differences impacted business approaches. Also, he noticed social and regulatory expectations differ significantly.

“Understanding the cultural context is critical to understanding the customer,” Tadanki said. Continue Reading

OSU teams bring home $47,000
from New Venture Competition

Ariel West
  (March 1, 2017 at 1:31 pm)

OSU teams Redcedar Products (left) and MITO Material Solutions (right)

Two Oklahoma State University entrepreneurship incubator teams comprised of students from the Spears School of Business, the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology, and the College of Arts and Sciences were among the top winners this past weekend in the finals of the Baylor Business New Venture Competition.

Out of 166 teams, the two OSU teams were selected to compete in the finals as part of the Top 12. OSU MBA student Haley Kurtz and mechanical engineering technology student Kevin Keith with MITO Material Solutions placed second in the competition, bringing home $35,000 plus an additional $500 for placing third in the live pitch portion of the competition. MITO sells adhesive epoxy additives which allow manufacturers to double the durability or significantly decreases the weight of composite materials utilized in the aerospace, recreation, and automotive industries.

Kevin Keith (left) and Haley Kurtz (right) of MITO Material Solutions win second place at the Baylor Business New Venture Competition

“Winning second place at Baylor is a huge accomplishment for MITO Material Solutions,” Kurtz said. “Compared to previous competitions we have been a part of, the competition and schedule at Baylor was fierce. Thankfully, Baylor University offered many coaching and feedback sessions from experienced advisors and judges, which allowed us to really improve our presentation for the semi and final rounds.

“Overall, we learned so much and are so grateful for the support of our advisor, Richard Gajan, and the OSU entrepreneurship ecosystem. This experience was unforgettable, and we are so proud of this achievement.” Continue Reading

OSU engineering grad turns to
Spears Business for a different path

Ariel West
  (February 24, 2017 at 10:55 am)

Kyle Lake

Kyle Lake didn’t know he would end up at the Spears School of Business when he enrolled at Oklahoma State University his freshman year.

Lake grew up in small-town Elk City, Okla., with a population of 12,000, give or take. He was the first to attend OSU out of his family, making him the “black sheep,” but he appreciated the atmosphere and tight-knit community that OSU offers.

“Everybody jokes about the ‘Cowboy Spirit,’ but I’m convinced it’s a real thing,” Lake said. “Just great people who made the university feel fun, the excellent degree programs and the reputable school was appealing.” Continue Reading

OSU MBA students receive advice
to help prepare for a career

Taylor Mullan
  (February 23, 2017 at 1:49 pm)
Mackenzie Wilfong

Mackenzie Wilfong

Oklahoma State University MBA students learn quite a bit of material to help them in their professional careers. On Feb. 17, Mackenzie Wilfong shared with the OSU students some things she wished she knew before starting her career.

Wilfong earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Oklahoma, graduating Phi Beta Kappa. She received her Juris Doctorate degree from Southern Methodist University’s Dedman School of Law. Following law school, Wilfong practiced litigation at Spencer Fane Britt and Browne, a national law firm, where she specialized in education and employment law, practicing in Kansas and Missouri.  

After leaving private practice, she joined the United States Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights as an enforcement attorney investigating allegations of harassment and discrimination in educational institutions. She is the Associate General Counsel for the Board of Regents of the Oklahoma State University and Agricultural and Mechanical Colleges, located in Stillwater. 

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City of Stillwater vice mayor
speaks with OSU MBA students

Taylor Mullan
  (February 14, 2017 at 3:43 pm)
Pat Darlington

Pat Darlington speaks to OSU MBA students.

Students at Oklahoma State University are presented with great opportunities for networking and creating connections. Patricia Darlington spoke to OSU MBA students Feb. 10 about the importance of moments and maintaining connections.

Darlington attended Regis College in Denver, before transferring to the University of Missouri-Kansas City where she received her bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene in 1973. Following this, she worked as a hygienist and taught dental hygiene in Midwest City, Oklahoma.

In 1991, Darlington completed her master’s of religious education from Loyola University-New Orleans. She was the director of religious education St. John’s/St. Francis parishes in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

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OSU MBA alumnus Matthew O’Brien
returns to Stillwater to share with students

Taylor Mullan
  (February 7, 2017 at 2:57 pm)

MBA students learned ways to manage a career with advice from Oklahoma State University MBA alumnus Matthew O’Brien on Feb. 3.

In 1982, O’Brien received his MBA and began working at Lockheed Martin Corporation. O’Brien is vice president emeritus and former chief financial officer for Sandia Corporation, a Lockheed Martin Corporation subsidiary. Also, he is owner and president of M.J. O’Brien and Associates LLC, a business consulting firm, and he serves as chair for the OSU MBA Advisory Board.

O’Brien gave an overview of managing a career through leadership, while keeping in mind that someone is always watching. Managing a career takes a lot preparation, hard work, emotional intelligence, timing, luck and work ethic, he says.

“Present yourself in a way that somebody will remember you,” O’Brien said. Continue Reading

OSU alumna Anne Greenwood continues
to play an important role in helping students

Taylor Mullan
  (February 2, 2017 at 1:22 pm)

Oklahoma State University distinguished alumna and Spears School of Business Hall of Fame inductee Anne Greenwood spoke about tips to separate oneself from the crowd in a business setting. Greenwood provided information to MBA students Jan. 27 about business that many people do not think to share.

Greenwood is one of OSU’s greatest and most tireless supporters, and her contributions to OSU is quite numerous, earning her a spot in the OSU Alumni Association Hall of Fame. In addition to the extensive list of her support, Greenwood is a tireless volunteer for anything to benefit her alma mater. She completed her bachelor’s degree in accounting from OSU in 1979 and worked as a corporate accountant in the oil and gas industry and public utilities.

The main reason Greenwood gives so much to OSU and students is to provide a way for students to have the greatest success in school and their careers. She feels a connection to students and wants to see a change in their lives. This carries into her first topic of change is difficult at times but it often works out for the best. Continue Reading

OSU’s online MBA, other online business programs
excel in U.S. News & World Report rankings

Ariel West
  (January 10, 2017 at 11:21 am)

Thanks to a revised curriculum and efficient upgrades, Oklahoma State University’s Spears School of Business has been ranked No. 1 among universities in the Big 12 Conference for its online MBA program and other online business programs (non-MBA) by U.S. News & World Report.

Spears Business’s online MBA program is tied for 29th place in the Best Online MBA Programs rankings. This ranking makes OSU the best choice for an online MBA program in the Big 12 Conference, with West Virginia University coming in second with a ranking of 47th. Only five of the ten Big 12 Conference schools made it in to the U.S. News & World Report rankings for this category.

Spears’ other online business programs are tied for 32th place for the Best Online Business (non-MBA) Programs. This ranking also places OSU No. 1 in the Big 12 Conference for online business graduate programs, with only West Virginia University included in the rankings for this category at 66th. Continue Reading

MBA students represent Oklahoma State
University at MBAX Conference

Taylor Mullan
  (December 6, 2016 at 10:17 am)

14915248_1413661791997075_302677586321209192_nFour Oklahoma State University MBA students took third place at the MBA Exclusive Conference at Howard University in Washington, D.C. These students attended the MBAX Conference and participated in the Case Competition Nov. 3-4.

Dylan Dean, Imran Selim, Jakayla Porter and Mason Evans formed a team to represent the OSU MBA program. By placing in the top three of the competition, the team was awarded $2,000. Each team consists of three to four members and must include some individuals from an ethnic minority group.

Attendees received access to interactive workshops, exciting keynote presentations, and admission to one of the most highly-anticipated career fairs designed exclusively for the MBAs across a variety of industries. Continue Reading

OSU MBA alumnus Jeff Smith provides
soft skill advice to students

Taylor Mullan
  (December 5, 2016 at 2:45 pm)
Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith

OSU Watson Graduate School of Management students learn many aspects of business in class. Jeff Smith, director of human resources at capSpire Corporation, shared advice on soft skills in a professional setting with students October 21, 2016.

Smith is an OSU MBA alumnus and is also responsible for capSpire’s college hiring process. capSpire is a global consulting and solutions company that solves difficult business and technology problems for commodity-focused organizations. His experience and position helped him provide insight to students about getting hired by corporations.

In a presentation called “Soft skill development to focus on now,” Smith explains proper business etiquette and provides examples. He begins with the “set-up” describing the relationship of the boss and the subordinate. Continue Reading

OSU MBA alumnus receives funding for
programming model

Taylor Mullan
  (December 5, 2016 at 2:37 pm)
Ben Wagener

Ben Wagener

One Oklahoma State University student went above and beyond on a Quantitative Analysis class project creating something that would positively affect the medical industry.

Benjamin Wagener faced the task of developing a linear programming model in a Quantitative research analysis class. After a discussion with his wife, Bethany, about difficulties as a medical provider and Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) clinical coordinator for the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, Wagener discovered his topic: treatment for the HCV in infected inmates.

To choose which HCV infected inmates to treat, she had to search more than 2,300 medical files. Wagener suggested a spreadsheet to simplify her job a little when gathering the data of the HCV. Continue Reading

A Q&A with MBA almunus Matthew Folks

Ariel West
  (November 16, 2016 at 2:59 pm)


With his wife, two dogs, three kids and a baby on the way, Matthew Folks pulled up his roots to move to Boston to start the next chapter of his life.

Matthew Folks

Matthew Folks

The Oklahoma State University online MBA graduate lived in a blue California home with his wife, Melissa, for seven years before deciding Harvard Law School was the next step in his journey. In his early years, Folks earned his bachelor’s from Brigham Young University, where he met his wife, Melissa, and served the Air Force through the ROTC program. Attending OSU gave Folks the motivation and confidence to pursue his law school dreams.

Read a Q&A from Matt Folks to learn about how OSU’s online MBA helped him on his journey: Continue Reading

OSU online MBA program for business
analytics ranks first in the nation

Ariel West
  (November 10, 2016 at 1:29 pm)


Oklahoma State University’s Spears School of Business was selected as the best online MBA program for business analytics in the nation by

Before launching the new Markting Analytics Certificate program in 2013, Spears offered certifications and coursework through the Graduate Certificate Programs in Business Data Mining and SAS® and OSU Data Mining Certificates for students with technical and programming background. Goutam Chakraborty, professor of marketing and director of the Graduate Certificate in Marketing Analytics program, saw the need for a program that met the needs of students without a technical or programing background. Continue Reading

Reverend Robert Spach shares ideas about
religious literacy and professional life

Taylor Mullan
  (November 7, 2016 at 9:42 am)
Reverend Robert Spach spoke to OSU graduate students

Reverend Robert Spach

Oklahoma State University Watson Graduate School of Management students recently listened to the importance of understanding religion and its place in business. The Rev. Robert Spach spoke about religious literacy, pluralism and professional life.

Spach grew up in Brazil, received his bachelor’s degree from Davidson College, his master’s from the University of Virginia, a master’s of divinity from Princeton Seminary, and his doctorate degree from Columbia Seminary.  Since 1993, he has served as the college Chaplain at Davidson College in North Carolina.

Spach introduced essential soft skills when being aware of religious behaviors in the workplace. It is important to be exposed to many different religions and cultures to understand and interact with others in a professional setting. Continue Reading

Oklahoma State MBA alumnus Jeff Smith
provides soft skill advice to students

Taylor Mullan
  (November 4, 2016 at 11:46 am)
Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith

Oklahoma State University’s Watson Graduate School of Management students learn many aspects of business in class. Jeff Smith, director of human resources at capSpire Corporation, recently shared advice on soft skills in a professional setting with students.

Smith is an OSU MBA alumnus and is also responsible for capSpire’s college hiring process. capSpire is a global consulting and solutions company that solves difficult business and technology problems for commodity-focused organizations. His experience and position helped him provide insight to students about getting hired by corporations.

In a presentation called “Soft skill development to focus on now,” Smith explains proper business etiquette and provides examples. He begins with the “set-up” describing the relationship of the boss and the subordinate.

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Spears School alum Michael L. Greenwood
shares business success tips with MBA students

Taylor Mullan
  (October 12, 2016 at 1:19 pm)
Michael L. Greenwood with MBA students

Michael L. Greenwood (fifth from right) recently spoke with OSU MBA students.

Michael L. Greenwood, Oklahoma State University Spears School of Business alumnus, spoke with Watson Graduate School of Management students September 23, 2016 and shared his background growing up in Tulsa, Okla., along with advice on some keys to success in his business career.

Mr. Greenwood is the founder and managing director of Carnegie Capital LLC, a financial advisory services firm. He received his degree in business administration with an emphasis in marketing and economics from Oklahoma State University in 1977, and then earned his MBA in 1980 from the University of Tulsa, graduating summa cum laude.

“It was very encouraging to hear from a previous student how his perseverance and never giving up attitude helped him to be successful in his career,” Ratan Putla, MBA student, said. “I liked the way he did not lose hope but availed every opportunity he got, which actually made him more successful.”

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National Association of Women MBAs returns to OSU

Taylor Mullan
  (September 12, 2016 at 10:19 am)

NAWMBA logoFor the first time in two years, Oklahoma State University is reestablishing the National Association of Women MBAs (NAWMBA) chapter on campus. MBA students are welcome to attend the first meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 13.

The NAWMBA is a platform for women who have, or are pursuing, an MBA to network, develop mentoring relationships, and professional development. The not-for-profit organization is dedicated to empowering female business professionals to assist women into leadership positions in business, and to enhance the diversity of the workforce worldwide.

“I am happy to see the OSU chapter get reinstated. It is important for the young ladies in our program to see these female role models and to have the chance to network with future women business leaders,” said Jan Analla, assistant director of business graduate programs in the Watson Graduate School of Management.

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Jay Rao shares his life-changing
experience with advice on a balanced life

Taylor Mullan
  (September 9, 2016 at 4:26 pm)
Jay Rao

Jay Rao, Wake Forest MBA graduate, visits OSU

Jay Rao looks forward to his visit to speak with the MBA students each year, but this year he is especially grateful to be back at Oklahoma State University. Students listened as Rao gave advice on handling life events that cause personal, family and professional life to become unbalanced. He refers to it as his journey back to life.

Currently, Rao is the Senior Supply Chain, Logistics, Warehousing and Manufacturing Executive at Communications Test Design Inc. The Wake Forest MBA graduate began by explaining the three aspects of his life, personal, family and professional, and how he keeps them proportional with roles, goals and priorities in each category.

“I enjoyed how he reminded us that a balance with professional and personal life is incredibly important,” Kyle Lake, MBA student, said. “My generation seems to get so caught up with advancing professionally or academically that sometimes we even forget to call our parents every once in a while.” Continue Reading