Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the Online Learning Office?

Business Online Learning
108 Gundersen
Stillwater, Oklahoma 74078

Phone: (405) 744-4048
Fax: (405) 744-1891

How do I get started in online learning?

The steps to getting started in Online Learning can be located at Admission Process website.

Graduate students who wish to get their degree via online learning need to apply to one of the degree programs, MBA, MSTM or MIS.

Undergraduate students can complete their degrees via online learning in the B.S. in Business Administration Degree Completion Program – Management option; and General Business option.

Once you have been accepted into a program or have chosen the courses you wish to enroll, you need to enroll through the Student Information Services (SIS) website. Detailed information on how to enroll can be found at Detailed Enrollment Process.

What is streaming video?

Streaming video allows Internet users to view a video without downloading and saving the file onto a hard disk. The video file is continuously downloaded in small pieces and is only stored in a temporary folder as it is playing. A high-speed Internet connection is needed to view streaming video.

Having trouble viewing a lecture?

  1. Still having trouble after reading the help page? Request Video Lecture Tech Support

I am an international student. How do I participate in an OSU online learning graduate program?

Oklahoma State University business online learning programs are ideal for those who are located away from the OSU campus. Most international students take classes via the Internet by downloading class lectures. This convenience is also helpful to students who need to travel in country or out of country.

Am I a resident or a non-resident of Oklahoma?

Information on Residency Status:

Which degree programs are offered online?

How do I apply for one of the graduate programs?

What is the portability of the online learning degree programs?

By earning your business degree via online learning you no longer have to miss classes because of corporate travel or quit a degree program because your company relocates you. Portability of your academic degree should not be considered a luxury – it is a necessity in today’s business environment.

What is the usual time-frame for completing an online learning degree?

The typical time students take to complete a degree is 3 ½ years for the standard MBA, 2 ½ years for the MSTM, 2 ½ years for the MIS, and 2 years for the MSE. However, the amount of time to complete a degree will depend on the semester course loads each student decides he or she can handle, as well as on a student’s talks with his or her adviser regarding a plan of study. For students who want to complete their degrees quickly, talking with an advisor regarding a plan of study is especially important.

How many credit hours can I take each semester?

The number of hours you take really depends upon what other responsibilities you have and how much coursework you believe you can handle. We strongly urge students considering taking more than nine hours in the fall or spring – or more than six in the summer – to consult with their adviser.

Does the online format provide the same quality of education offered by a traditional campus?

Quality is very important to OSU. The same faculty and instructors who teach in the online learning program teach in OSU’s on-campus programs. OSU’s course delivery is unique in that you receive the live, in-class lecture, captured in a digital format, unlike text-based degree programs. All courses are taught by the Spears School of Business’ high-quality faculty members, who have national reputations in their fields.

Does Oklahoma State University accept transfer credit?

Yes. To find out what credits would transfer for each degree, call the appropriate degree program office.

  • MBA office: (405) 744-2951
  • MIS office: (405) 744-9000
  • MSE office: (405)744-2951
  • MSTM office: (405) 744-9000

How much do the online learning courses at Oklahoma State University cost?

Oklahoma State University Online Learning Tuition Information.

Why is the cost of an online course higher than an on-campus course?

Online courses are assessed a online learning fee. This fee helps offset the cost of video production and computer related costs.

What type of computer do I need and how do the online classes work?

A computer with RealPlayer and Windows Media Player is required to view course lectures. If you don’t have RealPlayer and Windows Media Player, you can download them for free. If you are unable to download the files a flash drive with the lectures can be requested and will be mailed to you by UPS and delivered to you within 48 hours of the production of the concluded class.

When and how often do I have to be online for class?

Students go online at their convenience to pick up homework assignments, check class announcements, participate in chat room discussions with other students and download or view the class lectures.

How do I check my grades?

You can check your grades on Banner Self Service by logging on with using your O-Key user-name and password. Once you log in click on student then student records.

What is O-Key?

O-Key is a personal account management system on OSU’s computing system that contains your OSU student information. By logging into O-Key, you can access information such as your user-name, password, e-mail address, contact information and OSU ID number. The O-Key system also gives you the option of using the university-supported e-mail system or forwarding your OSU e-mail to an account of your choice. Visit

What is Banner?

Student information system. Visit for more information.

What is the Online Classroom or Brightspace?

The Online Classroom is a Web-based program called Brightspace that enables students to communicate with each other and their professors through discussion boards, submit assignments, download lectures, see their grades, and more – all in one place! Access to Brightspace requires students to log in using their O-Key user-name and password. Access is provided to students at no additional cost. You also might want to read the Online Classroom information sheet.

When will I have access to the Online Classroom Brightspace?

If you enrolled several weeks before the semester, you will have access to course information on Brightspace about a week before the semester your course begins. If you enrolled after the beginning of the semester, it may take several days for your Brightspace account to be activated.

What happens if I have a technical problem with my computer?

Should you have any technical questions or experience any difficulties, the OSU IT Helpdesk is available to help. You can contact the Helpdesk at, (405)-744-HELP [4357] or 877-951-4836 [toll-free]. For more information, click here.

How do I find my OSU ID number?

To find out what your OSU  ID number is, refer to Banner at

Is financial aid available?

Yes. Financial aid applies to online learning classes just like classes taken on campus. Information on financial aid, scholarship opportunities and loans are available through the OSU Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.

How do I know if I am officially enrolled in a online class?

Once you have enrolled in Banner at, you will be able to view your enrollment immediately. You will also receive an e-mail from the online learning office which will contain information regarding your enrollment.

How do I know what book I need to purchase for my class?

Visit, to purchase from the OSU Bookstore. Log in with your O-Key, type in your course and select book. You can also check the current semester course syllabus. If you still have questions, contact the online learning office at or email your professor.

How do I add or drop a class after I have already sent in my registration form?

Add and drop actions for online learning course sections should be done through Banner at Information regarding Drop and Add dates can be found at the Office of the Registrar website.

How will I be billed for my classes?

All OSU courses are billed through the Office of the Bursar.

Will I receive a bill in the mail from the bursar?

No, the bursar no longer sends out paper bills. You will receive an e-mail from the bursar, or you can check your account by logging in to Banner at

How do I know what my balance is on my bursar account?

You can view your bursar balance by logging in to Banner at

How do I pay my bursar bill?

The Office of the Bursar accepts cash, checks, and online credit card payments. For detailed information on paying your bursar bill, visit Office of the Bursar.

Still have unanswered questions?

If you still have questions or problems, please feel free to contact us at or (405) 744-4048.