MBA Elective Courses

Course Prefix and Number Course Name Semester
EEE 5113 Entrepreneurship and Venture Management Fall only
EEE 5133 Dilemmas and Debates Spring only
EEE 5263 Corporate Entrepreneurship Summer only
EEE 5653 Venture Capital Fall and Spring
EEE 5663 Imagination in Entrepreneurship Spring only
FIN 5550 Energy Finance Spring only
LSB 5203 Foundations of Issue & Conflict Management Fall, Spring, and Summer
MKTG 5233 Global Competitive Environment Fall and Spring
MGMT 5011 Crucial Interactions* (4 weeks) Fall, Spring, and Summer
MGMT 5021 Managing Professional Relationships* (3 weeks) Fall, Spring, and Summer
MGMT 5031 Leading Organizational Change* (4 weeks) Fall and Spring
MGMT 5041 Performance Management* (4 weeks) Fall only
MGMT 5051 Creating Ethical Workplaces* (4 weeks) Spring only
MGMT 5061 Managing Confrontations* (4 weeks) Fall and Spring
MGMT 5153 Managing, Training and Development Spring only
MGMT 5223 Seminar in Human Resource Management Summer only
MGMT 5313 Project Management Summer and Fall
MGMT 5323 Teams in Organizations Summer only
MGMT 5533 Leadership Challenges Fall and Spring
MGMT 5553 Management of Technology & Innovation Fall only
MSIS 5123 Enterprise Resource Planning Fall and Spring
MKTG 5553 International Marketing Strategy Fall, Spring, and Summer
MKTG 5983 Database Marketing Fall only
MSIS 5133 Advanced Information Technology for E-Commerce Fall only**
MSIS 5643 Advanced Database Management Fall only**
TCOM 5113 Industry Overview & Telecom Applications Fall only**
TCOM 5153 International Telecommunications Management Spring only**
TCOM 5233 Applied Information Systems Security Spring only**

*1 credit hour course
**subject to change