J.B. Kim Professor Department of Economics 477 Business Building Stillwater Campus 405-744-7359 (Phone) 405-744-5180 (Fax)

Dr. J.B. Kim’s primary research covers a range of topics to address issues in International Macroeconomics, International Finance, and Financial Economics with emphasis on nonstationary analysis of Financial and Macroeconomic Time Series. His research has been published in many academic journals including Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Economics Letters, Monetary and Economic Studies, Review of International Economics and other scholarly journals.


Ph D, The Ohio State UniversityEconomics2000


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Awards and Honors

Richard W. Poole Research Excellence Award (2014)
Richard W. Poole Research Excellence Award (2007)
The Research Assistant Grant (2003)
Dice Fellowship (1999)
PEGS Fellowship (1999)
Outstanding Teaching Award (1998)

Academic, Military, and Professional Positions

Oklahoma State University, Professor, July 2014
Oklahoma State University, Associate Professor, July 2008 - June 2014
Oklahoma State University, Assistant Professor, July 2005 - June 2008
University of St. Thomas, Assistant Professor, July 2001 - June 2005
SUNY at Binghamton, Visiting Assistant Professor, July 2000 - June 2001