J. Craig Wallace, Ph.D. Professor, William S. Spears Chair in Business Administration Department of Management 306 North Hall; 700 N. Greenwood Tulsa Campus 918-594-8060 (Phone) Curriculum vitae / Résumé

Craig Wallace is primarily interested in predicting and explaining facets of performance and effectiveness by integrating individual level theories of personality, motivation, and emotion with higher-level organizational constructs such as leadership and climate. Through this research, Dr. Wallace hopes to create a work environment that is conducive to all employees, both physically and psychologically, leading to high levels of organizational effectiveness and employee well-being. He has published his research in Journal of Management, Journal of Business & Psychology; Journal of Applied Psychology; Personnel Psychology, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Organizational Psychology Review. He is a two-term Associate Editor for the Journal of Management. He is a fellow in the Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology.


AMP, The Wharton School - University of PennsylvaniaLeadership2015
Ph D, Georgia Institute of TechnologyIndustrial/Organizational Psychology2004
MA, University of West FloridaIndustrial/Organizational Psychology2001
BS, University of Tennessee at ChattanoogaPsychology1998


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