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L. Lee Manzer (Ph.D., Oklahoma State University), is Professor in the Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University. He has served in a variety of roles at O.S.U. including Chair of the Department of Marketing, Director of Graduate Studies, and Director of the Small Business Institute. Lee is a nationally recognized expert on service implementation and has presented service quality, goal setting, and leadership seminars to over 300 profit and not-for-profit organizations, reaching over 60,000 individuals. These organizations include energy and petrochemical companies, manufacturing firms, financial institutions, and public service agencies. Lee has taught over 23,000 students at OSU and annually serves as an academic and career advisor to 80-100 undergraduate students; six of his advisees have been named the outstanding male or female graduate of the university. He has received 14 teaching awards for his work with undergraduate students, including school- and university level recognition.


Ph D, Oklahoma State UniversityMarketing1974
MBA, Oklahoma State UniversityFinance1966
BA, Oklahoma State UniversityChemistry1965


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Awards and Honors

Friend of Non-Traditionals Award (2014)
Greek System Teacher of the Year for SSB (2014)
Loyal and True Award (2014)
Mortar Board Golden Touch Award (2014)
Friend of Non-Traditionals Award (2013)
Loyal and True Award (2013)
Mortar Board "Golden Touch Award" (2013)
OSU Greek System Outstanding SSB Professor (2013)
Oklahoma Higher Education Hall of Fame (2010)
OSU Greek System Outstanding SSB Professor (2010)
OSU Faculty Appreciation Award (2009)
OSU Golden Touch Faculty Award Mortar Board Scholarship (2009)
Action Entrepreneurship Education Award, Austin, TX (2008)
Acton Entrepreneurship Faculty Award (2008)
Spears School of Business Faculty of the Month (Student Body) (2007)
OSU Outreach Faculty Excellence Award (2006)
Outreach Faculty Excellence Award (2006)
Outstanding Faculty Member (2006)
Richard W. Poole Faculty Outreach Excellence Award (2006)
Richard W. Poole Outreach Excellence Award (2006)
Faculty of the Month (2003)
Faculty of the Month (Student Body) (2003)
"Honored" Faculty Member (2001)
OSU Nominee for USA Teacher of the Year (2000)
OSU Regent's Distinguished Teaching Award (2000)

Editorial and Review Activities

Paper Reviewer, Innovative Education and Academic Affairs Track

Track Chairman, Innovative Education and Academic Affairs

Paper Reviewer, Buyer Behavior Track

Paper Reviewer, Marketing Track

Paper Reviewer, Southwestern Marketing Association

Academic, Military, and Professional Positions

Marketing Department, Oklahoma State University, Professor, 1996
Marketing Department, Oklahoma State University, Head of Department, 1991 - 1996
Marketing Department, Oklahoma State University, Associate Professor, 1979 - 1990
Marketing Department, Oklahoma State University, Director of Graduate Studies (MBA), 1979 - 1985
Marketing Department, Oklahoma State University, Assistant Professor, 1975 - 1979
College of Business, Oklahoma State University, Program Coordinator, Business Extension, 1975 - 1977
Memphis State University, Assistant Professor of Marketing, 1973 - 1975
Marketing Department, Oklahoma State University, Instructor, 1970 - 1973
The Dow Chemical Company, Research Assistant, Chemical Sales, 1966 - 1970