Ali Nejadmalayeri, Ph.D., CFA ONEOK Chair and Associate Professor; and Finance Ph.D. Program Coordinator Department of Finance Personal Website 700 N. Greenwood Ave., 305 NH Tulsa Campus 918-594-8399 (Phone) 918-594-8281 (Fax)

I had my early education up to my undergraduate degree in my home country, Iran. Upon receiving my bacholar's degree in electrical engineering in 1993 from Tehran University, I started workin in Oil & Gas companies for couple years. I came to US in 1995 to pursue an MBA degree. Soon after taking econ and finance courses, I found my calling in finance. I got my PhD in finance in 2001 from the University of Arizona and started my first acedemic job at the University of Nevada-Reno. Just one year before going up for tenure, I left UNR to come to Oklahoma State University and pursue my career goals in a highly ranked Big 12 school.

I am also the Finance Ph.D. Program Coordinator. Program information for the Ph.D. program can be found here:


Ph D, University of ArizonaFinance2001
MBA, Texas A&M University-KingsvilleFinance1997
BS, University of TehranElectrical Engineering1993


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Awards and Honors

President’s Outstanding Faculty Award for Research (2016)
Poole Research Award (2015)
Poole Research Award (2013)
Poole Research Award (2012)
Nominee for Greiner Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award (2009)
RITC First Place in Electronic Trading Heat (2008)
McGraw-Hill/Irwin Distinguished Paper Award MBAA 2005 (2005)
COBA Junior Faculty Summer Stipend Award (2004)
COBA Junior Faculty Summer Stipend Award (2003)
Nevada Alpha Chapter of BETA GAMMA SIGMA 2003 Researcher of the Year Award (2003)

Editorial and Review Activities

Journal of Economics and Finance

Journal of Business Reasearch
2010 - 2011

Academic, Military, and Professional Positions

Finance, Oklahoma State University, OneOK Chair, July 2017
Oklahoma State University, PhD Coordinator, Finance Department, January 2015
Oklahoma State University, Associate Professor of Finance & Jay and Fayenelle Helm Professor in Business, June 17 2012
Oklahoma State University, Assistant Professor, August 16 2006 - June 16 2012
University of Nevada, Reno, Area Coordinator/Assistant Professor, July 30 2001 - June 30 2006
University of Arizona, Graduate Associate, July 30 1997 - June 30 2001
Jahanpars Engineering Co., Electrical Engineer, April 1 1993 - December 30 1994
Schlumberger Inc., Practical Trainee, June 1 1992 - August 1 1992

Courses Taught

FIN 4843 (5 Semesters)
FIN 4113 (2 Semesters)
FIN 4763 (2 Semesters)
FIN 5013 (13 Semesters)
FIN 4813 (12 Semesters)
FIN 4333 (1 Semesters)
FIN 5053 (3 Semesters)
FIN 4613 (1 Semesters)

Full Course List

SemesterCourseSectionCourse Title
Spring 2017FIN 484325082Risk Management
Fall 2016FIN 411364862Financial Markets and Institutions
Fall 2016FIN 476364866Financial Futures and Options Markets
Spring 2016FIN 4843801RISK MANAGEMENT
Spring 2015FIN 48131PORTFOLIO MGMT
Spring 2015FIN 4813801PORTFOLIO MGMT
Spring 2015FIN 5013583BUSINESS FINANCE
Spring 2014FIN 4843821RISK MANAGEMENT
Spring 2014FIN 5013582BUSINESS FINANCE
Spring 2014FIN 5013583BUSINESS FINANCE
Spring 2013FIN 50531THEORY & PRAC FIN MGMT
Spring 2013FIN 5053583THEORY & PRAC FIN MGMT
Spring 2013FIN 5053801THEORY & PRAC FIN MGMT
Fall 2011FIN 5013801Business Finance
Spring 2011FIN 48131Portfolio Management
Spring 2011FIN 4813801Portfolio Management
Fall 2010FIN 5013801Business Finance
Spring 2010FIN 48131Portfolio Management
Spring 2010FIN 4813801Portfolio Management
Fall 2009FIN 4843801Risk Management
Fall 2009FIN 5013801Business Finance
Spring 2009FIN 48131Portfolio Management
Spring 2009FIN 4813801Portfolio Management
Fall 2008FIN 5013801Business Finance
Spring 2008FIN 4613801Risk Management
Spring 2008FIN 4813801Portfolio Management
Fall 2007FIN 48131Portfolio Management
Fall 2007FIN 5013801Business Finance
Spring 2007FIN 4813801Portfolio Management
Fall 2006FIN 48131Portfolio Management
Fall 2006FIN 5013802Business Finance