Federico Aime, Ph.D. Professor, William S. Spears Chair of Business Administration Department of Management 469 Business Building Stillwater Campus 405-744-5108 (Phone) 405-744-5180 (Fax) Curriculum vitae / Résumé

Federico Aime is the Spears Chair of Business Administration at the Spears School of Business, at Oklahoma State University. Federico is the author of numerous articles and chapters on the social psychological drivers of organizational decision making and performance. His research has been published in numerous outlets, including the Academy of Management Journal, the Strategic Management journal, the Academy of Management Annals, and the Journal of Management where he serves on the editorial board. He is also an active leader in the development of international scholarly research and faculty capabilities leading programs with a focus on building capabilities in developing economies. He has also received an honorary doctorate from MOI University (Kenya). Before becoming an academic, Dr. Aime occupied several senior management positions in foreign and international organizations such as Citibank and Zurich.


Doctor Honoris Causa, Moi University, Kenya2014
Ph D, Michigan State UniversityManagement2006
MBA, University of North Carolina1995
BS, Universidad Catolica ArgentinaBusiness Administration1988


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