Aaron Hill, Ph.D. Associate Professor, William S. Spears Chair of Business Administration Department of Management 211 Business Building Stillwater Campus 405-744-5193 (Phone) Curriculum vitae / Résumé

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Aaron D. Hill holds the Williams S. Spears Chair in Business Administration at Oklahoma State University. His primary research focuses on understanding how the personal characteristics and situational factors of both executives and other key employees work both independently and in concert to affect firm-level outcomes. In particular, he has published research addressing the effects stemming from executive self-concept such as narcissism and hubris/overconfidence; the implications of compensation designs and comparisons; and the mobility of executives and other key employees across organizations. As secondary research interests, Dr. Hill investigates corporate political activity and measurement within executive research. His publications have appeared in outlets such as Academy of Management Journal, Strategic Management Journal, and Journal of Management.


(*Denotes Doctoral Student at Time of Submission; **Denotes Former Doctoral Student)

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Ph D, Oklahoma State UniversityStrategic Management2010
MBA, Gonzaga UniversityManagement2002
BBA, Gonzaga UniversityEconomics2001