Nan “Peter” Liang Graduate Teaching Assistant Management Science and Information Systems Off Campus Location


MA, Shandong UniversityManagement2011
BA, Shandong UniversityManagement2008


Nan Peter Liang, David Biros & Andy Luse. "An Empirical Validation of Malicious Insider Characteristics”, Journal of Management Information Systems". Journal of Management Information Systems, (Forthcoming).

David Biros, Nan Peter Liang & Andy Luse. "Taxonomy of Malicious Insiders: A Proof of Concept Study". Americas Conference on Information Systems.

Nan Peter Liang & D.P. Biros. (2015). "Identifying Common Characteristics of Malicious Insiders". Proceedings of the Conference on Digital Forensics, Security and Law.

Awards and Honors

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Associate (2016)