Latest Faculty Research

Faculty Member Department Research Interest
Brad Lawson
Tom Stone
Zachary Arens Marketing Substituting products, consumer desire
Rebecca Greenbaum Management Unethical Behavior, Relationship Conflict and Workplace Ostracism
Aaron Hill Management Lobbying and its effect on firms
Ji Hoon Jhang Department of Marketing Time Management
Betty Simkins Department of Finance Enterprise Risk Management
Scott Johnson Department of Management Corporate Governance
Angela Spencer School of Accounting Financial Accounting and Capital Markets
Bruce Barringer School of Entrepreneurship Feasibility Analysis, Business Planning, and the Business Startup Process
Harounan Kazianga Department of Economics and Legal Studies in Business Economic Factors in Low-Income Countries
Charlotte Wright School of Accounting Oil and Gas Accounting and Financial Reporting
John Winters Department of Economics and Legal Studies in Business Regional Labor Economics
Tom Brown Department of Marketing Customer Orientation
Ramesh Rao Department of Finanace Shareholder Activism
Robert Baron School of Entrepreneurship Understanding what makes successful entrepreneurs
Ramesh Sharda Department of MSIS Analytic
Cynthia Wang Department of Management Ethical Behavior/Diversity